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Total Customer Experience: What It Means To Me

Bill Schmarzo By Bill Schmarzo October 2, 2015

TCE Day 2014 Photo Booth InFocusOctober 6, 2015 is “Customer Experience Day” (CX Day). CX Day is celebrated by companies across the world and EMC is proud to host its second annual Total Customer Experience (TCE) Global Celebration. This year’s theme—“redefine your experience in the digital world”—is telling of where customers are focused and looking to evolve.

Now this seems like a great opportunity to talk about how EMC’s customers are leveraging big data to deliver one of those “magical moments” to their customers; that is, to help our customers to understand their customers in so much detail that they know exactly what type of experience to uniquely delivery to that individual customer. As I discuss in my upcoming new Big Data book “Big Data MBA Driving Business Strategies with Data Science”:

“Understanding in detail the propensities, tendencies, patterns, interests, passions, affiliations and associations of each of your individual customers is key to increasing revenue, reducing costs, mitigating risks and improving margins and profits.

However, let me talk about something entirely different – why I love working at EMC and what TCE means to me personally. I love working with our customers. I love sitting down with our customers to better understand their business challenges and opportunities, and then brainstorming with them how data and analytics can be leveraged to address those challenges and opportunities. From helping schools improve student performance, to helping hospitals reduce hospital acquired infections, to helping parole agencies to successfully rehabilitate wayward children, there are so many places where I personally can leverage what I’ve learned about data and analytics over the past 30 years to help organizations be successful. I couldn’t ask for a better job and a better opportunity to give back.


So unlike your typical Schmarzo, alligators-crawling-out-of-my-ears, lecture about the Big Data MBA and/or the “thinking like a data scientist” rant, instead let me tip my hat to EMC and EMC’s dedication to our customers. EMC’s Total Customer Experience (TCE) celebration is a tribute to our commitment to helping our customers be more successful.

Now that’s something worth celebrating.


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