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The Invisible Side of Social Media

By Rachel West September 17, 2012

One of my favorite LinkedIn updates came from Kathy Tito, who recommends that everyone take 60 seconds to add a headshot to their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.  Why? She quoted Queen Elizabeth II, whom she regarded as a social media pioneer and branding specialist, “I have to be seen to be believed.”

Social media and market branding is all about visibility; everyone recognizes the benefits that visibility adds to marketing products and services and thereby increase sales.  But, using social media to build successful branding and market campaigns requires more than just posting pictures, tweets and blogs online.  It requires the right combination of resources and critical underlying technologies to maximize the return-on-investment from developing an e-Commerce platform that creates new customers and new efficiencies. In another words, it is the invisible side of social media – applications, architecture and engineering, working efficiently behind the scene that makes you, you company, your products and services more competitive and more profitable.

I recently had the opportunity to work with our talented Big Data team to help several of our customers explore innovative ways to leverage the latest social media tools to “re-think” their sales and marketing plans for their products and services. Our client engagements began with a digital strategy and roadmap initiative to identify key business areas that could be potential differentiators for their organizations, and then define the appropriate utilities and tactics, including SEO, SEM and CRM tools, to fulfill their overall business vision.

The Invisible Technologies Serve as the Foundation for A Digital Platform

While helping a leading financial firm to design and implement an innovative advisor platform, our Big Data team incorporated web-based tools and techniques to shape the interactive user behaviors within the client’s web presence. They developed dashboards, visualization and reporting capabilities to effectively aggregate data and generate real time, advanced analytics. As a result, advisors can leverage the newly acquired business insights to drive productive social dialogues and actions in building customer relationships and loyalty.

EMC Consulting Integrates Web, Social and Mobile Media through User Experience & Information Architecture

Centered on the end users, our team was able to design the system with intuitive navigation regardless of the devices (Work Station, Tablet, Mobile), and helped the client make the leap applying social and digital interactions to enriched experience for both advisors and customers.

Although each client’s branding guidelines, user roles, diverse resources and skill levels present unique requirements, our experts has been taking a consistent approach to establish a service-oriented architecture that blends legacy and emerging technologies to create the new digital platforms with common characteristics:

  • Applications viewed as “services”, grounded in sound design and usability “at your fingertips”
  • Web services moving towards self-services and secured cloud computing
  • Seamless Intra-enterprise integration and inter business-to-business integration within complementing partner ecosystems

And the best part of these platforms?  It’s that the customer doesn’t see and know about them. They are simply working the way they are designed – integrate social interactions with users in a way that is ubiquitous, accessible and invisible.

About Rachel West

As a Platinum Player Award winner and industry solution leader at EMC Consulting, Global Services, Rachel West specializes in technology strategy and implementation, product and service innovation and information management for financial services clients.
With more than 20 years of experience in the financial industry as an analyst, advisor and strategist, Ms. West offers deep knowledge and insights into the value of an organization’s information assets, and works closely with many leading global financial institutions to leverage their technology investment to better manage information, and empower them to deliver unique products and services that drive business profitability and growth.
Before joining EMC, Ms. West worked at Putnam Investments, spearheading the process reengineering and user workflow design in conjunction with the transformation of enterprise information architecture that was one of the first in the financial industry.
A graduate of the University of Massachusetts’ MBA program, Ms. West also has a degree in economics and finance from the top ranked International Business School at University of Nanjing, China.

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