Operating an EMC Hybrid Cloud

By Peter Lacoste Senior Vice President, Infrastructure Managed Services July 31, 2014

7 31 14 Peter Image 1I was reading David Goulden’s interview with CIO Magazine  and he said something that struck me as exceptionally pertinent to my customers.  David said, “You can’t draw a clean boundary around enterprise computing anymore. Businesses need the platform to encompass all those external resources, and they often need the old world of enterprise applications and databases to work together with the new world of mobile, social media and big data. Hybrid cloud makes that happen seamlessly and securely.”

I could not agree more and I am not just saying that because David is the CEO!   My customers, who are typically senior executives in IT and the business of large enterprises, are being constantly challenged to demonstrate their relevance to their business. Gone are the days of long lead times and slow but adequate provisioning of IT resources.  These IT leaders need a platform that provides them with the flexibility and scalability to source services in sync with the needs of the business while showing cost transparency.

7 31 14 Peter Image 2The EMC hybrid cloud is the best platform for provisioning an ever-changing mix of internal and external services. But many customers still need to consider how their operations will change in this model.  For clients who need further assistance in operationalizing their EMC Hybrid Cloud solution, we are building a full range of management services as well as Managed Services that provide complete turnkey management of EMC Hybrid Could deployments.  Why do customers look to us for help? We apply enterprise grade standards and practices to manage their workloads in an optimum mix of on and off premise.  This significantly reduces risk and provides the customer with choice and agility.

Recently we have had validation from one of our largest customers that we are on the right track. This major customer has signed a managed services contract that enables us to help them manage their EMC Hybrid Cloud. This contract will provide a services layer between application development end-users and IaaS for the customer.  This automation and orchestration layer leverages VMware’s vCAC Enterprise which will provide an application hosting request portal providing a single entry point to estimate, request, manage and track the fulfillment of requests.  This will be integrated into the customers existing and internally managed tools and will run on a Vblock architecture.

Our customer gets the full value of the EMC Hybrid Cloud with the piece of mind that comes from expert EMC management of their environment.  Based on the opportunities we are pursuing I see this model continuing to expand and evolve as we roll out the EMC Hybrid Cloud to more of our customers.

About Peter Lacoste

Senior Vice President, Infrastructure Managed Services

Peter Lacoste leads the Managed Services business at EMC. He is responsible for setting the strategy, driving execution and creating best practices for the EMC Managed Services team. Through his leadership he enables EMC customers to realize business value by providing them with choice of consumption models and by delivering cutting edge and innovative IT solutions. His organization is laser focused on providing customers with an exceptional total customer experience. The result is a business that is growing at a rate better than the market, with a global presence and customers in all major industry sectors.

Since joining EMC in 1997, Peter has held multiple senior leadership roles in EMC Global Services, including leading the Asia Pacific/Japan (APJ) organization where he had responsibility for EMC’s Professional and Support services teams. In this role, he was also responsible for various strategic initiatives including the development of Six Sigma and client care in APJ.

Prior to EMC, Peter began his professional career through various roles at IT Services companies including tenure at Hitachi Data Systems.

Peter is based at EMC headquarters in Hopkinton, MA. He holds a Master's degree in Technology Management from the University of Queensland, Australia. Peter is also a foundation member of the TSIA Managed Services Board.

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3 thoughts on “Operating an EMC Hybrid Cloud

  1. Great article Peter. Providing this kind of service assurance will assist many customers in their journey to the 3rd platform. Big Data, Cloud, Trust; EMC is there.

    Brian Kennicott
    EMC, TSE
    Proven Professional