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The One Thing That Must Not Change: A World Class Customer Experience!

Michael Spoetter By Michael Spoetter Vice President, Customer Service EMEA October 5, 2016

Customer Experience Day – It is great to see the increased focus on this important topic over the past years.

Each of us is a customer at some point in time and it’s always impressive how much of an impact a positive customer experience creates. Or not: personally, I no longer consider buying a specific brand that disappointed me. Not just once – but consistently over a couple of years. I love their products, but they let me down when there was an issue. Support and services matter and influence whether or what we buy next, I’m sure you agree with me.

For us “Service professionals”, it is CX day every day. The journey of Customer Experience challenges us to develop focused services strategies, delivered by our people, processes, systems and tools. Most importantly they need to be CUSTOMER-centric at all stages to provide the expected outcome. Companies differentiate when this outcome turns into a “WOW”, a memorable and contrasting experience. Not once, or once in a while, it needs to be consistent.

Our Customers’ needs and expectations demand from us to be innovative and provide the highest level in Customer Experience every day. For the many years I had the pleasure to be in this industry, I witnessed data growth exploding, an ever increasing complexity of infrastructures and we now see the pace of transformation accelerating.

Pic in blogAt a time when IT organizations are challenged by their internal customers, when they need to transform fast and efficiently, modernize their data centers and at the same time, keep their legacy infrastructure running; the quality of service they receive is the one thing that must not change. It is our duty as service teams to be the number one trusted partner and help our Customers to be successful in their changing environment.

On this special celebration day, I would like to acknowledge and thank our Customers and Partners for their continued trust. I also want to thank our team of service professionals, responding to chat sessions, phone-calls, forum discussions, going onsite…. for their engagement and their wonderful dedication.

Now, let’s celebrate CX Day!

Michael Spoetter

About Michael Spoetter

Vice President, Customer Service EMEA

Michael Spoetter leads our award winning Customer Service organisation in EMEA, offering highly responsive, consistent and proactive support services across the DELL EMC portfolio and ensuring the best Total Customer Experience (TCE) is met. His team includes multinational groups of around 1,000 customer engineers and support staff, providing maintenance and onsite support services to Dell EMC customers in their mission-critical-environments. He enjoys leading his diverse and motivated teams through change and innovation, so that DELL EMC Customer Service maintains its role as differentiator in the market.

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One thought on “The One Thing That Must Not Change: A World Class Customer Experience!

  1. Great article! I especially like the remarks of everyone being a customer ourselves, often several times a day, be it at a restaurant, a car dealership or supermarkets. For me personally the service experience starts with the first touch point or “on boarding”, which comes in many ways. Am I seated by a friendly waiter, does a Sales person welcome me with a smile, does a car mechanic explain to me the first steps in repairing my vehicle? Often these subtle things make a big difference at the beginning of a customer journey.
    Also we as service professionals continuously strive for better ways to onboard new customers, familiarize them with our Service capabilities and features and our customer portals including MyService360. Getting the first steps of our relationship with customers and partners right is one crucial element of a successful customer journey.