Accelerating Exploratory Analytics with Big Data as a Service

Matt Maccaux By Matt Maccaux September 11, 2018

In today’s digital age, the Big Data landscape is rapidly evolving for both data science and IT teams—with a steady stream of new products, tools and frameworks being released and incorporated into an already complex ecosystem. Data scientists and developers want flexibility and choice, with on-demand access to new Big Data technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. IT managers are under pressure to support these new innovations and the ever-changing menagerie of tools, while also providing enterprise grade IT security and control. Meanwhile, the demands from the business for new analytical capabilities is growing faster than the organization can support.

Under these conditions, it has become increasingly difficult for enterprises to keep up with the pace of change in Big Data. Traditional deployment methodologies and architectures using bare metal servers with direct-attached storage for data lakes can quickly become disk/storage-constrained as an organization’s use of the data expands. As nodes/servers are added, the management overhead becomes costly and inefficient, not to mention the costs of the servers themselves.

A common approach to address this problem is to spread the data around across multiple Hadoop® clusters. However, with the rapid growth of data, this also becomes inefficient to maintain, and even more so if copies of data reside on multiple clusters. As clusters proliferate and the number of analytics and data science applications and tools increases, enforcing access restrictions and policies can also be challenging as the environment scales.

Additionally, the time-consuming nature of manually building a new environment for each user—to acquire a compute node with storage, install the operating system, install the Hadoop version and applications, patch, test and deploy, and then secure all of those components—can compound the chances of errors and cause costly delays to the business.

Our Approach to Exploratory Analytics

In previous blogs, we’ve talked a lot about our Elastic Data Platform.  The Elastic Data Platform is a proven and cost-effective solution that enables organizations to address these challenges at speed and scale for exploratory analytics and flexible workloads. The integrated solution is designed to extend and augment an organization’s existing Big Data investments with workload-specific infrastructure, intelligent software, and end-to-end automation and is delivered by Dell EMC Consulting to accelerate the time to value.  Check out the short video below to learn more.

New Ready Solutions for Big Data

If you are looking to upgrade your Big Data infrastructure, Dell EMC has you covered with newly announced Ready Solutions for Big Data and a Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) design. The pre-engineered, integrated solutions include the Dell EMC best-of-breed servers and networking, BlueData EPIC software, and services to fast-track and simplify your analytics journey with a secure, on-premise Big Data as a Service capability.  The solution leverages core components of the Elastic Data Platform, including cluster deployment and multi-tenancy, enabling self-service analytics, provisioning in minutes, and tooling flexibility.

Experts Every Step of the Way

The Ready Solutions for Big Data include consulting, deployment and support services from Dell EMC Services to help customers drive the rapid adoption and optimization of solution in their Big Data environments from initial set up and integration through to ongoing support and roadmap planning.

During a 6-week engagement, Dell EMC consultants work with you to identify the analytics use case that will have the most business impact, gather requirements and design the solution architecture. Our teams then install, configure and integrate the Ready Solution into the customer’s environment for the prioritized use case. This includes tying into the existing security framework (e.g., Active Directory), connecting to existing Hadoop systems, and developing custom application package templates for data scientists, analysts, and engineers to get a fast start with the solution.

Dell EMC Consulting will also run workshops and develop a roadmap for how the BDaaS solution can be extended to the rest of the enterprise to include consolidating systems and infrastructure, centralizing the data lake, and offering end-to-end automated provisioning leveraging the existing IT ticketing systems (e.g., ServiceNow).

Once the Ready Solution is implemented, Dell EMC ProSupport provides comprehensive hardware and collaborative software support to help ensure optimal system performance and minimize downtime. Customers can also opt for ProSupport Plus to get a Technology Service Manager who provides a single point-of-contact for support. And, Dell EMC Education Services offers a range of courses and certifications on Data Science and Advanced Analytics which is a great option for training teams to use the new technologies.

Getting Started

The new Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Big Data offer a compelling way to fast-track and simplify Big Data as a Service and exploratory analytics using Dell EMC’s world class technology and proven expertise and services. We also offer the accelerated 6-week Big Data as a Service implementation option standalone or can deliver a full enterprise-wide solution.

Are you ready to harness the power of big data and analytics to transform your organization? To learn more, reach out to your Dell EMC representative or checkout Dell EMC Consulting Services to learn how we can help you get started on your transformation.

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