3 Imperatives for Artificial Intelligence Success: People, Process, Technology

Matt Maccaux By Matt Maccaux August 7, 2018

As I speak to customers about Big Data and Analytics, the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) inevitably comes up. I am often asked how organizations can use AI to monetize their data and transform their business processes.

While Artificial Intelligence can absolutely help drive those kinds of results, there isn’t a simple answer to these types of question because there are many challenges that must be overcome first, particularly around:

  • Having a strategy and the right processes in place
  • Skills and expertise of analytical users
  • Big Data and analytical platforms and technologies

The best way to get started is to focus on the business outcomes and analytical models and not on the underlying technologies.

Our Approach to Artificial Intelligence

Dell EMC Consulting has been helping organizations of all sizes, industries, and maturity levels adopt and accelerate their analytical journey by making data-driven decisions to select the right use cases, implement scalable platforms, and operationalize algorithms to drive business outcomes. We do this by partnering with business stakeholders to select the killer use cases, apply the right technologies to implement them, and provide expert data science and engineering resources to get quick wins to establish meaningful change throughout the organization.

We work with organizations to validate the use cases for analytical feasibility and then select the right tools and techniques, leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning techniques. Our methodology is to not only create the analytical models leveraging these tools and techniques, but also to teach organizations how to build and maintain them over time. Our goal is to help our customers become self-sufficient by providing scalable solutions and best practices around the analytical toolsets.

For any Artificial Intelligence implementation to be successful, it’s imperative that you bridge between the people, process and technology needed to achieve the business outcomes you want. Our Consulting practice works with customers to do just that, and helps ensure you get the most from your Big Data investments.

New Ready Solutions for AI (Artificial Intelligence)

When it comes to the technologies, Dell EMC has you covered with verified architectures and deployments in the form of Ready Solutions. Dell EMC just announced new Ready Solutions for AI with a design for Machine Learning with Hadoop and one for Deep Learning with NVIDIA. These end-to-end solutions include the Dell EMC best-of-breed hardware, software, and services needed to fast-track and simplify your AI journey.

Dell EMC Services are an integral part of the solutions, helping customers drive the rapid adoption and optimization of their AI environments from initial set up and upskilling of resources through to ongoing support. A core set of services are included with the solutions, and other value-added services are available for customers to choose from based on their business requirements and priorities.

Some of the key areas our services teams deliver value for Ready Solution for AI customers include:

  • Implement and operationalize the Ready Solution technologies and AI libraries, and scale customer Data Engineering and Data Science capabilities
  • Provide technical architecture recommendations and data science best practices
  • Offer courses and certifications on Data Science and Advanced Analytics and workshops on Machine Learning in collaboration with NVIDIA to develop the solution and technology skills needed to fully leverage the AI capabilities
  • Provide comprehensive hardware and collaborative software support to help ensure optimal system performance and minimize downtime

Key areas our services teams deliver value for Ready Solution for AI


For the remainder of this blog, let’s delve into how Dell EMC Consulting helps customers operationalize and accelerate the time to value of the Ready Solutions for AI so they can start getting actionable insight from their data.

New AI Consulting Services for the Ready Solutions

To support the rapid adoption and integration of the Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI, we offer new AI advisory and implementation services that span the initial environment set up, operationalizing the solution and building the necessary data science and data engineering capabilities.

Strategic Guidance and Expert Integration

Our consultants can engage from the start to plan and manage the Ready Solution implementation and help operationalize it in the customer’s environment.  This includes setting up a Cloudera Data Science workbench for the Hadoop design and for NVIDIA, we can help test and configure the AI libraries and tools.

Additionally, we can make architectural recommendations for your data science platform, along with providing best practices for data science, methods, tools and processes.  Defining the right, collaborative processes across teams – such as from the lines of business to data scientists and IT – is particularly important, as is industrializing the process to get as much value from your data as you can, as quickly as you can.

For more on process and tools, see these related blogs:

Achieving Business Results in the New Environment

To realize the value from the new Dell EMC AI environment, customers need to have data science and data engineering capabilities.  Whether your organization is new to data science or you’re already far down the path, we can help get you where you need to be using a tailored approach driven by business objectives and priorities.

Data Science:

Dell EMC Consulting’s global team of data scientists will work with your business users to identify the right use cases and scope out the effort to implement them. Then, we will help your own teams, through an iterative process, develop and refine the data models and analytical algorithms that will be operationalized. We will also work with existing reporting teams to ensure that the models are measured and populating business KPIs. Finally, we will train your analytical teams on the new tools, methods, and techniques that leverage the ML/DL/AL technologies.

Data Engineering:

In addition to the Data Science expertise, Dell EMC Consulting has global expertise in data engineering to take those refined models and algorithms to an operational state. This is sometimes referred to as “monetization”, but really it is about the creation of value for your organization. This involves some of the “data plumbing” which connects the models to data sources, transforms and enriches the data, and creates output APIs to feed other applications. This is all done with an eye to security and privacy to ensure that your organization remains in compliance with regulatory and industry laws and policies. We will also work with your data architecture and engineering teams to ensure that these new capabilities integrate and align with your existing Big Data environment.

Bringing It All Together

Dell EMC has the capabilities, experience, and technologies to help organizations accelerate their adoption of advanced data science technologies and techniques for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.  The new Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI offer a compelling way to fast-track and simplify AI using Dell EMC’s world class technology and proven AI expertise and services.  To learn more, contact your account executive or comment below.

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2 thoughts on “3 Imperatives for Artificial Intelligence Success: People, Process, Technology

  1. How does your ready solution provide advantage over, something as mature as Azure’s Data Science platform. As we use it day in day out we see it has enabled us accelerate deep learning and AI by multiple times. Looks like there is additional overhead of data engineering et al with your solution which mandates me to buy your consulting services. Not intuitive actually.

    • Hello fellow Matt!

      Thanks for reaching out with your questions. I didn’t do a great job describing what the Data Engineering services components were about so let me clarify and explain a little bit.

      Those are additional Data Engineering or Data Science services are capabilities that Dell EMC Consulting offers to help organizations accelerate the adoption of the AI and Machine Learning technologies. They are not required as part of the Ready Solution.

      The Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI are engineered for on premise workloads. Many organizations have data that reside within their own data centers and the analytical capabilities in the public cloud may not be available to them. For those organizations, deploying AI and Machine Learning capabilities into their existing Big Data environments is a natural extension of investments they’ve already made on premise. Additionally, this solution will integrate with forthcoming Big Data solutions allowing organizations to deploy analytical workloads in a hybrid cloud manner, including all three public clouds.

      I appreciate your feedback – please let me know if there is anything else I can help clarify.

      Matt Maccaux