How To Master The Modern Data Center (And Brag About It, Tastefully)

Matt Cooney By Matt Cooney November 21, 2016

There are some words and phrases that have moved beyond cliché and have been overused to the point of nauseation. Examples like “Millennial,” “Pokemon Go,” “On the same page,” and the name of any reality TV star leap to mind. For those of us involved with data and its storage, management, and protection, one such phrase is “proliferation of data.”

What exactly does that mean? We all know the number of devices, volume of content being created, and storage required to keep and maintain all that new data are exploding, but it’s easy to be aware of this idea without knowing its true scale. To get a clearer picture, here are some pretty staggering statistics from TechWorm about the rate at which data generation – per minute – has increased in the past year:

  • Nearly 300 hours of video are uploaded by YouTube users, an increase from 72 hours a year ago.
  • Nearly 80,000 hours of video are streamed by Netflix subscribers.
  • More than 34,000 videos are watched by BuzzFeed users.
  • More than 1.7 million photos are liked by Instagram users.
  • Nearly 300,000 snaps are shared by Snapchat users.
  • Vine users view more than 1 million videos.
  • Pinterest pinners pin nearly 10,000 images, an increase from 3,400 a year ago.

With the global Internet population growing 18.5% from 2013 – 2015, it’s clear the acceleration of data will continue and with it, the needs and demands of the modern data center. Every organization – from small businesses to global enterprises – will deal with a scaling of internal and external information that demands a data center capable of storing, analyzing, and processing this torrent into actionable insights.

For today’s organizations and the data professionals that support them, the need is clear: understand the challenges they’re confronting, define the modern data center and its technologies, automate it, and transform their people and processes to navigate the next steps with readiness and skill.

For Dell EMC, our response to this challenge was two-fold. We provided the training required in the format desired, via the Explore the Modern Data Center Massive Open Online Course, a free, on-demand, self-paced, example of just-in-time training at the forefront of job market demand.

The trend toward the adoption of Massive Open Online Courses, or “MOOCs,” has been well-documented and underway for years. Organizations are increasingly recognizing the value a globally-accessible, on-demand platform presents to a student community that wants to learn anywhere, at its own pace.

“More than 35 million people have enrolled in online courses in the last four years, and 2015 enrollments doubled from 2014.  (That’s equal to one out of five working professionals in the U.S.!)”

(Josh Bersin, Forbes)

massive open online course

And while this MOOC isn’t Dell EMC’s first (its predecessors, Data Lakes for Big Data and DevOps: What, Why, and How, each drew global audiences of over 10,000 students), it does offer an exciting new innovation for IT professionals looking to not only gain, but validate, their expertise: certification and badging.

For the first time, Dell EMC’s MOOC students have an opportunity to test for a certification and earn and display a credential – or badge – that symbolizes mastery of the new core concepts of the Modern Data Center.

With the cost of higher education rising almost 500% since 1982 and the demand for a better-educated, technically proficient workforce capable of managing an increasingly digital world growing in kind, more and more professionals are turning to training options like Dell EMC’s Explore the Modern Data Center MOOC.

When we asked our participants, “Why did you take this course,” the most popular response was that they wanted to learn about the modern data center. We look forward to defining the core concepts of today’s technological transformation and ensuring that the students of today learn the skills they need in the modalities they require. And for the first time, they have a badge to prove it!

The Explore the Modern Data Center MOOC is available on demand through December 31, 2016.

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