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EMC World 2012 in Review: ECN Support Community Perspective

By Mark Browne June 11, 2012

It’s been almost two weeks since I have returned from EMC World and I am still trying to catch up with myself.

EMC World this year was amazing. I was very busy and met lots of new people: customers, partners, and EMCers alike. EMC announced 42 new products and IT Transformation was a big theme. More than 13,000 people attended and it was a huge event. As I said before, what mattered to me was the people.

Sean Thulin does a great job describing EMC World this year in this blog post and I recommend this post for a taste of what it was. His pictures are darn good. And I have borrowed some for this post.

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About Mark Browne

Mark has more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry, in technical and customer support. Mark serves as the Community Manager for the EMC Community Network (ECN) Support Community Forums.
These forums are a big deal: ECN has over a quarter of a million members, including customers, partners, and EMC employees.

Mark can be found posting regularly on these forums and is the curator of the Ask the Expert Forum. He also supports operations and advises on best practices and tools for the Support Community, where his passion for customer support and open, peer-to-peer communication helps this community remain one of the largest on ECN.

Based out of Cork, Ireland, Mark is a SCUBA diving enthusiast and is a crew member of his local Life Boat station.

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