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The Convergence of Cloud and Big Data…We’re on the Cusp of Something Big

By Keith Waryas Director of Product Marketing, Dell EMC Services April 1, 2015

People have a need to classify and organize things into neat categories. This is especially true in technology. We talk about cloud, big data, networking, mobility, etc., and via our technical expertise/specialty/focus we create – to borrow Seth Godin’s idea- tribes around these categories.

Tribes are important. They help us focus. They give leverage to ideas and they help us innovate. But, the innovations that we make within our tribe are typically evolutionary. We make things faster, better, sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller, and usually, more valuable. But, they’re almost always steps of progression.

Where things get really interesting is when tribes come together. When the ideas and efforts of tribes collide, you have the tinder to ignite innovation that can be truly revolutionary. This sort of event can fundamentally change markets or even create new ones. And it can forever change what the technology MEANS to people. Think about when MP3 hardware met P2P network or when telecom met computing to ignite the smartphone revolution.

Having previewed a lot of what is going to be happening at EMC World, it feels like we’re sitting on the cusp of one of these types of events. On the one hand, you have Hybrid Cloud, making IT more agile and efficient, both economically and operationally. On the other hand, you have Data Lakes, providing businesses with the intelligence and insight to become incredibly predictive in how they operate.

IT has long been core to business operations. But, the coming together of the cloud and big data tribes is going to fundamentally change what IT means to every business. It is going allow the business to consume IT’s efficiency and agility gains as enablers for new revenue, rather than as simple cost savings. It is going to create entirely new opportunities and business models, and it is going to radically change the profiles and the roles of IT professionals.

EMC GS May the 4thEMC is leading the charge in redefining what this new model looks like for IT. At this year’s EMC World, Global Services will be sharing more about our approach and how we will help your organization prepare for this new era of IT.  We have assembled an impressive list of speakers, that will be sharing their insights and vision. They will also share the experiences we’ve had, and the lessons we’ve learned, enabling Big Data and Cloud for customers, and within our own business.

In addition to our breakout sessions (listed below) we will also have plenty of opportunities for you to meet our experts, and explore how you can leverage Cloud and Big Data to do something revolutionary in your business!

 Speaker  Session Title  Day/Time
Mary Cay Kosten Optimize your Experience: How to Leverage the Customer Service Tools and Resources and Deliver Better Storage and Backup Agility, TODAY Mon 1:30pm PST
Thurs 8:30am PST
Jeffrey Olsen Have Your Agility and Efficiency, Too: Practical Steps to Transition to Software Defined Infrastructure Mon 8:30am PST
Wed 12:00pm PST
Alok Shrivastava Managing Information Infrastructure: Trends, Challenges, Options in 2015 – 2016 Tue 3:00pm PST
Wed 4:30pm PST
Edward Newman Learnings from the Leading Edge: Real Ways IT is Creating Value with Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Mon 1:30pm PST
Barbara Gordon Accelerating Cloud Value: How EMC’c Proactive & Predictive Customer Service Experience can Help Drive your ITaaS Agility Wed 4:30pm PST
Bill Schmarzo From the Dean of Big Data: Expert Guidance to Achieve Big Data Maturity Mon 4:30pm PST


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