60 Minutes to Rock Your Isilon World!

By Keith Waryas Director of Product Marketing, Dell EMC Services April 22, 2016

If you’re an EMC customer/user, one of the most compelling benefits of EMC World is the opportunity to engage directly with the engineers and experts for the products you use every day. It’s not only a chance to get your questions answered, but it’s an opportunity to better understand the expert tips and tricks you can use to amp up the performance and value you get from your EMC infrastructure.

If you’re an Isilon user, and you’re going to be at EMC World this year, one of the best opportunities to get this type of experience will be to attend one of the “Top 10 Tips & Tricks to Rock Your Isilon” breakout sessions. In just 60 minutes, EMC’s panel Isilon experts will share their most important insights and recommendations for getting the most out of your Isilon system.

This tips and tricks session will focus on driving the most value from software like SyncIQ and InsightIQ, optimizing your performance/efficiency balance through configuration and flash, and the best management and support practices you can implement to maximize your ROI.

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You’ll gain insights on execution of foundational Isilon concepts as well as operationalizing advanced functionality. And since it is designed as an interactive event, they’ll be plenty of opportunities for you to ask questions and drill deeper.

For your convenience, this session will be running two times at EMC World on Tuesday, May 3rd from 12-1pm, and Thursday, May 5th from 10-11am. So, whether you’re an experienced Isilon user, or are just ramping up, make sure to put this session on your calendar. It’s 60 minutes that will help you rock your Isilon when you get back to your office on Monday.

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