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Howard Elias By Howard Elias Chief Customer Officer and President of Services & Digital June 20, 2018

At Dell, we have a clear purpose—to create technologies that drive human progress. Every day we see our purpose come to life in the powerful stories of our customers and partners who use technology to solve big problems and improve the human condition on a global scale.

But we also see it inside the walls of our own facilities as evidenced in a story in Dell’s Legacy of Good Update, which was released yesterday.

Five years ago, a small team of technologists at our Center of Excellence (COE) in Bangalore decided to use their expertise and cutting-edge technologies to tackle one of the biggest challenges facing the people of India: access to healthcare.

More than 800 million people in India live in rural areas, many with limited or no access to quality medical care. There is one government doctor for every 10,000 people and yet one in five people suffers from chronic, non-communicable disease like diabetes, cancer or cardiovascular disease.

It’s an enormous challenge but one our COE team knew that technology, partnership and human creativity could help solve—because that’s really what the COEs are all about.

COEs are centers where we co-locate top talent from various disciplines across engineering, services and IT. In addition to their core charters, we see tremendous opportunities for these cross functional groups to innovate and solve complex problems for our customers and our company. It’s a solutions-based approach to business and, as it turns out, it works for large-scale social issues, too.

With a deep commitment to the local community, access to some of the industry’s brightest minds and a robust portfolio of leading technologies, our COE team could bring to bear the full power of what Dell could offer. And so they did.

Fast forward to 2018 and the Digital LifeCare mobile healthcare solution is being deployed, in partnership with the Government of India, Tata Trusts and Dell, to more than 150 districts across all of India’s 29 states and seven union territories.

The solution combines software, custom mobile applications and big data analytics to modernize and mobilize physicians and other healthcare workers to bring quality and consistent care to rural India. The government expects to serve about 37 million people over the age of 30 with this deployment.

That’s human progress…at scale.

As a technology company, we talk a lot about technology. But it’s really what we do with the technology that changes the world. That requires the creativity, risk taking and critical thinking that only humans can do.

The Dell EMC Centers of Excellence are an important part of the Dell EMC Services portfolio. We have centers around the world where technology and talent combine to drive innovation and solve our customers’ toughest challenges.

For more about LifeCare and the amazing Dell team behind it, be sure to watch the video below.

Howard Elias

About Howard Elias

Chief Customer Officer and President of Services & Digital

Howard Elias is Chief Customer Officer and President of Services & Digital, supporting customers across the Client Solutions and Infrastructure Solutions Groups. He oversees technology and deployment services, consulting services, global support services, education services, global Centers of Excellence, Dell Digital and Virtustream.

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