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Rethinking Traditional Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

By Gordon MacArthur September 26, 2012

Hello – welcome to my first blog which I suppose we could also describe as the “the Availability blog” to be seeded with a range of thoughts & ideas  from myself and other security practitioners  from EMC Consulting.  I have been working with CIOs across many vertical industries on storage and availability issues for more than 20 years.  Never have I heard so much discussion about new and expanding technology and risk challenges that are emerging in the IT data center. We are living in an unprecedented time for organizations to best leverage their information assets, successfully satisfy customer requirements, and grow the business at the same time.

Growing amounts of data and 24 X 7 processing demands have become huge issues, and when combined with regulatory compliance and cost controls, the impact is magnified.  As a result, many of the senior technology leaders that I meet are looking more carefully at their data availability strategies and asking a host of new questions. Some of these include:

  • Do I have the right approach for today’s challenges?
  • Is traditional disaster recovery able to support the requirements of a global organization?
  • Has our infrastructure become too complex and too costly to manage?
  • Do we have competing architectures for production, high availability and disaster recovery?

I have started this blog to begin a dialogue on these very issues and many more in the weeks and months ahead. I hope you’ll join me on the journey.

First up, I was recently part of a video series on the topic of Availability and associated customer challenges.  The video below frames some of the questions I brought up earlier in this blog, and introduces several key takeaways.


About Gordon MacArthur

Gordon MacArthur is Global Director, Assured Availability Services. In this role, he supports the growth of EMC’s Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Continuous Availability Advisory Services. MacArthur is an accomplished IT professional with extensive business continuity expertise and 25 years of experience in a variety of professional services management roles. He joined EMC after a highly accomplished, 11-year career at Comdisco Inc., where he was most recently Senior Vice President, Technology Services.

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