Enabling Data Science is a Team Effort: Data Science Summit 2012

Frank Coleman By Frank Coleman Senior Director, DELL EMC Services June 11, 2012

I was excited to sit in on the recent Data Science Summit hosted by Greenplum, a division of EMC. Things were a little different from last year’s Data Scientist Summit, where the focus was on the rock stars that are our data scientists. To Greenplum’s credit, they broadened the focus because a data scientist alone is not the whole answer. As one of the few MBAs in the crowd, I was happy to hear a call out for more MBAs in the future.  It truly takes a team to make data science happen.

My favorite talk was from Piyanka Jain called “Navigating the Road from Business Intelligence to Data Science: Trials and Triumphs.” (She used to be a calculus teacher so maybe she hit a soft spot for me, taking me back to when I was studying for my Electrical Engineer degree.) Piyanka said everyone needs to be thinking about how to make data-based decisions, not just the data scientists out there. The world is changing, and having the data to back up your decisions is now an essential, not a nice-to-have. I couldn’t agree more.

To see Piyanka’s keynote and other talks, check out the Data Science Summit videos.

Frank Coleman

About Frank Coleman

Senior Director, DELL EMC Services

Frank is a Senior Director of Business Operations for Dell EMC Services. He is living the world of Big Data in this role, as he is responsible for using advanced data analytics to improve the customer experience with Dell EMC’s services organization.

This role keeps Frank immersed in Big Data, and he is at the cutting edge of using Big Data to solve real business problems. Frank has a strong blend of technical knowledge and business understanding, and has spent the last nine years focused on the business of service.

Under his leadership, EMC was honored in mid-2012 for the third consecutive year with the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) STAR Award for “Excellence in the Use of Metrics and Business Intelligence.” Prior to joining EMC, Frank worked in various fields and remote technical support roles.

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