How to Free Up Your IT Talent to Drive Innovation and Transformation

By Doug Schmitt President, Dell Technologies Services April 10, 2019

Study shows services free IT staff to focus on transformation

You’ve heard it before: Businesses today must transform if they’re going to survive. But that doesn’t make it any less true. It’s why our services organization is in the midst of its own digital transformation―to make sure we’re ready and able to support our customers in their transformations.

There’s no question that the expert deployment and support services we provide can help accelerate time-to-value on new technology investments and maximize productivity for IT and end users. But what role might these core services play in helping an organization to achieve their digital transformation?

Innovating with Services

Innovation Leaders Need IT Services To Drive Transformative Outcomes” – A Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper

We commissioned Forrester Consulting to take a closer look at how IT decision makers are using deployment and support services to drive their transformative outcomes.

Their study, “Innovation Leaders Need IT Services To Drive Transformative Outcomes” based on a survey of close to 700 IT decision makers worldwide, found that accelerating transformation was indeed a major reason for engaging outside experts for support and deployment services.

For example, 70% of respondents cited “faster deployment time” and 63% cited “less risk” as reasons for using deployment services, but an even greater percentage―80%―said the services provided “more time for innovation.” And support was no different, with 77% of respondents saying that using support services “allowed their IT staff more time for innovation.”

Digital Transformation is a Business Imperative

The need to shift IT focus from day-to-day maintenance to innovation is not news to IT leaders. But the urgency to transform is becoming more acute. Digital transformation is a mandatory business imperative and IT is at the center of a company’s planning and execution. When it comes to transformation, it’s no longer a question of “if?” and “why?”, but “when?” and “how?”

To track the digital transformation trend, Dell Technologies, in collaboration with Intel and Vanson Bourne, recently surveyed 4,600 business leaders across 40+ countries. The results, published in the Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index II (DT Index II), found 91% reported they were facing major hurdles in moving their digital transformation forward, and almost 1 in 3 feared their business will be left behind.

Overcoming Barriers to Transformation

Both the DT Index II and the Forrester study identified the lack of IT resources and lack of in-house expertise as top barriers to transformation. In fact, 62% of respondents in the Forrester study said they lacked the skills to realize the full potential of technology purchases.

Expert deployment and support delivered by IT service providers help address both of these issues directly by effectively extending the internal IT team’s resources and skill sets, or in the case of some services, literally becoming integrated members of the team.

In the Forrester study, those respondents that use external deployment and support services reported being able to shift 36% of their IT staff’s time to innovation or more strategic initiatives by partnering with an IT service provider for technology deployment and support.

That’s the type of customer impact that makes what we do so gratifying.

Mapping Services to Customer Needs to Help Make Transformation Real

We are continually asking customers how we can better help them to achieve their transformation initiatives. Their answers help us to evolve and refine our portfolio of end-to-end services―from strategic consulting, deployment, and education―to ongoing support and managed services.

When it comes to deployment, IT departments tell us that they want to be able to lean on us for the specific technical expertise and resources they need―when they need it.

For example, a customer might want help with basic hardware installation; or filling gaps in their technical knowledge; or taking care of planning, logistics, and complex hardware and software integration across a global environment.

If so, we’re ready today with flexible ProDeploy and Residency Services that map to these needs.

As for support, customers tell us they want us to continue to reduce their need for it―and, when necessary to reduce their need to be actively involved in it.  So we’re leveraging advances in data science, such as AI, machine learning, and deep learning, to architect ever-more proactive, predictive and data-driven support. (Today we’re the only technology vendor to offer consistent, proactive, and predictive support―from individual PCs to the data center with our ProSupport services.)

Are You Making the Most of Your People?

In addition to helping free internal resources to drive transformative outcomes, ever-evolving deployment and support services give IT organizations new opportunities to consider the strategic values they want their staff to bring to the business.

For example, does it really make sense to use internal IT resources for one-time technology deployment and day-to-day support tasks? Tasks that can be performed effectively and efficiently by an external IT service provider with deep expertise and large economies-of-scale?

Or does the real value of an internal IT organization come from its unique combination of business, technical, and institutional knowledge?

Our job is to become the trusted partner that frees your talent to go further, faster, to drive the innovation and digital transformation your business needs.


For more information:

Innovation Leaders Need IT Services To Drive Transformative Outcomes, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Dell EMC

Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index II

About Doug Schmitt

President, Dell Technologies Services

Doug Schmitt is President, Dell Technologies Services, where he has full P&L responsibility for Support, Deployment and Managed Services business including strategy, sales, product design, field delivery, technical support and operations. He is accountable for all IT lifecycle services supporting Client Solutions and Infrastructure Solutions including basic warranty, advanced support, configuration services, managed deployment and managed services. Doug leads an organization of over 55,000 direct and partner team members in 165 countries.

Doug joined Dell Technologies in 1997 and has served in a number of leadership roles including finance and operations. Additionally Doug serves on the Board of Dell Technologies PAC. Previous to joining Dell, he was employed with Sequent Computer Systems where he held various senior-level finance positions. Prior to Sequent, he was employed in the banking sector.

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