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Juggling Traditional and Experimental IT to Support the Software-driven Business

By Dinko Eror Managing Director, Germany September 7, 2015

HybridCloudchat3_invite_v2_newBusinesses are entering the ring of IT disruption. To support the growing demand from consumers that rely on new digital technologies and innovations, orgnisations are having to change to a world of agile, innovative infrastructure and applications.

From transportation and financial services, to music and entertainment, the world around us is changing. We’re experiencing a shift where digital start-ups are challenging traditional business models. No business or industry is exempt, whether it’s WhatsApp moving into voice calls and challenging the traditional telco model, Uber moving into logistics, or Apple Pay taking on financial services providers. The list goes on, but highlights how traditional business models, and those that haven’t realised the move to a software-driven business aren’t in a position to withstand this disruption, as they struggle to compete and roll out services quickly enough to keep even the most brand-loyal consumer happy.

Despite this backdrop, IT could be the key to unlocking innovation in this disruptive era and achieving competitive advantage. The key question is, how will traditional businesses be able to juggle traditional and new IT priorities in order to deliver the innovation needed?

What’s worrying is that most businesses are still struggling with this juggling act, particularly when it comes to the cloud. As IT has become a balancing act between the different needs of line of businesses, this poses the question: can IT meet the requirements of the business and transform to a software defined enterprise?

Together with Jacques Boschung and Dayne Turbitt, we’ll be hosting the third hybrid cloud Twitter chat on the 9th September, which will look at how IT today is like a circus – with so many priorities to struggle and balance, how can a hybrid cloud strategy help transform the IT organisation? The discussion will continue the conversation around business pain points and cloud catalysts. We’ll be joined by an amazing illustrator, who will be live-sketching the conversation as we go along.

Join us too, and you could win a personalised illustration!

Follow me @DinkoEror to stay up to date and follow the conversation via #HybridCloudChat. Keep an eye out for my next post, where I’ll talk more about bi-modal IT.

About Dinko Eror

Managing Director, Germany

Dinko Eror is Vice President of EMC Global Services for the EMEA region. He is responsible for EMC’s consulting & technology professional services, and its award-winning customer support organisations, and for helping clients drive business value through IT innovation. Dinko is passionate about how technology is disrupting and revolutionising business models – particularly through the enabling power of the software-defined enterprise.

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