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How an Owl Reminded Me Tech isn’t all Buzz Words and Self-driving Cars

By David Trotter Senior Director, Service Transformation May 1, 2017

My Facebook feed consists of photos of loved ones, and the occasional high school friend I haven’t seen in 20+ years, links to semi-interesting articles about adventure travel (skydiving in Thailand, anyone?) and ads. I usually scroll quickly through the ads but a recent one caught my eye. It was for the Owlet – a baby sock with a sensor for monitoring heart rate and oxygen levels so parents can rest easy knowing their little one is safe. This technology keeps parents connected to their baby when they are in different rooms of their home and even asleep.

This isn’t the only IoT technology that keeps us connected to the things we want to protect. My Fitbit gives me feedback on my own heartbeat and health. Samsung has a refrigerator to help us manage our family’s food while Waspmote keeps tabs on vulnerable vineyard environments to ensure vines and grapes thrive. And no IoT product list is complete without the Nest Learning Thermostat, which keeps us connected to our home in order to minimize energy waste.

Taking a Pulse of IT systems

At Dell EMC we have our own connectivity technologies – Secure Remote Services (ESRS) and SupportAssist. The heartbeats of your Dell EMC systems are checked around-the-clock. When an issue is detected, you and Dell EMC Support are notified. Troubleshooting begins and parts are dispatched, as needed, so downtime is minimized, and not just a little. Third-party research has found that issues are resolved up to 90% faster with SupportAssist and ProSupport Plus.[1]

A Connected Digital Transformation

The application of technology always reflects a human need or value. The way we use IoT technologies to stay connected to our children, food sources and homes are no exception. This same technology can be applied to business. As many industries experience digital transformations, IT systems and their uptime become critical to operations. That’s right, the IT team is no longer clutching a red stapler in the basement with Milton.

By staying connected with SupportAssist and ESRS, you receive data-driven insights including performance tuning recommendations and hardware failure predictions. Even my Fitbit gives me insights as a result of staying connected. Yes Fitbit, I will try to move more on Super Bowl Sunday. (And by the way, who knew the 3rd Saturday in May is the most fit day of the year?)

Insights gleaned from connectivity data will help you move your IT systems beyond reactive maintenance mode while reducing downtime and, ultimately, costs.

We have designed connectivity technologies so you, like new parents using Owlet, can sleep better – and that’s cooler than any self-driving car. Goodnight. Zzzzzzz.

[1]Third-party lab testing with Principled Technologies (Resolving Server Problems with Dell ProSupport Plus and SupportAssist), September 2015.

About David Trotter

Senior Director, Service Transformation

David’s focus at Dell EMC is Strategic Service Delivery Transformation Programs for the Global Support business. With an obsessive focus on customer service, David drives programs to deliver predictive, personalized and solution support experiences for Dell EMC customers.

Prior to joining Dell EMC, David spent 30 years honing his skills delivering managed and support services across global companies including Oracle, Sun Microsystems, SevenSpace, British Telecom and EMC. He built venture capital-backed startups from scratch to acquisition delivering innovative managed IT services to large IT customer organizations during this time.

He is an active member of the professional groups Consortium for Service Innovation, Chief Integration Officers Forum and Transformational Leadership. When not working, you will most likely find him cycling in the rolling countryside of Virginia or enjoying a glass of wine with his wife and friends.

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