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Taking the Time To Celebrate Customers

By Dave Matson Analyst Relations Manager September 23, 2014

Happy Geek Pride Day 2014Have you ever noticed all of the official days that are celebrated throughout the world. They range from the noble World Cancer Day on February 4, to the quirky Geek Pride Day on May 25, to the savory International Bacon Day on the first Saturday Before Labor Day. A more complete list can be found here. (Ed. note: Dave submitted this article on Talk Like a Pirate Day!)

But what about a day that celebrates the customer? You know – the people that indirectly sign our paychecks?! Consumer-oriented businesses, ranging from Starbucks to Dairy Queen, have hosted Customer Appreciation Days. But it’s less apparent that Fortune 500 companies and larger B2B organizations are embracing this type of appreciation and celebration…until now.

CXPA- Customer Experience Professionals AssociationCustomer Experience Day, or CX Day, was founded by the CXPA, or Customer Experience Professionals Association, and is intended to be “a pause during the year, when your company can take a breather, refresh and recommit to the customer experience, and show the customer love in your company.”

This year, it takes place on October 7th and many organizations are making plans to celebrate in style, including EMC!!!

At EMC, we are putting together a global, company-wide event. Key customers and partners will be joining the celebration in our offices in Hopkinton and throughout the world. Check out EMC’s Community Network for more information and to join the discussion.

October 7th will clearly be a celebration of our valued customers and partners but it’s worth calling out all of the great employees that deliver those great experiences every day. Here are a few of their stories:

Mountain biking Global Adventures video




SailingViews of the Horizon video




Cave divingGoing Deep video




Thankfully, once CX Day has come and gone, we can all start making preparations for World UFO Day which takes place every July 2. First, I’ll need a more powerful telescope!

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