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Let’s Get Predictive About Service Excellence

By Dave Matson Analyst Relations Manager August 3, 2015

Would you ever get excited about the prospect of a customer being unhappy or dissatisfied? Of course you wouldn’t. Well, maybe if you work for (part of and took part in this hilarious skit.’s motto is to “Turn every interaction into an opportunity.” I like the motto because even customer complaints can turn into positive interactions and opportunities when handled appropriately. The motto reminds me of a few of the efforts that are underway at EMC.

Just take these questions into consideration: 

  • What if you knew that a customer had a high likelihood of being dissatisfied but hadn’t yet expressed his or her concern? What would you do? You’d want to speak with them, right?
  • And, better yet, what if you had the opportunity to proactively reach out to that customer and speak with him or her?

If your organization is anything like EMC, you jump at the chance to interact with customers as much as possible, even when it’s a challenging situation. In this spirit, EMC recently wrapped up the first wave of a Predictive Analytics Initiative to test our ability to proactively identify which customers may be dissatisfied after the closure of a each service event. And it’s been a huge success. Here’s how things have unfolded at a high level:


There were a few thousand Customer Service activities each month that could’ve resulted in customer dissatisfaction but EMC did not have insight into these events because the customer did not always return a satisfaction survey.


EMC designed and deployed its Predictive Analytics Initiative to seek out and proactively address unreported customer dissatisfaction through our Service Managers. As you can imagine, this involved proprietary algorithms to make the process automated and scalable.


EMC immediately received positive feedback from the participating Service Managers and customers, driving increases in satisfaction scores and positive momentum on the business side.

We felt the impact almost immediately:

  • 600% increase in customer follow-up interactions
  • 82% of customers reported surprise and appreciation of the unexpected, proactive follow-up on their service event
  • 11.6% improvement in satisfaction with EMC Customer Service as measured by the quarterly relationship survey

Similar to the skit where employees were jumping at the chance to address customer complaints, EMC’s Predictive Analytics Initiative allowed the organization to turn negative situations into positive ones. The difference between the two efforts is that EMC Service Managers were able to address concerns proactively.  And we’re not done yet…


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Dave is an Analyst Relations Manager covering Dell EMC Global Services, the Channel, Alliances, and the office of the CTO. He was formerly in Global Services Marketing (now Dell EMC Services Marketing), responsible for rationalizing the portfolio and researching and developing new support services to address emerging market requirements. He is passionate about service excellence both with his work at Dell EMC and in his personal life.

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