The Divergent Priorities of Running IT as a Business

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Enterprises, large and small, are taking cloud computing seriously, judging by the number of customer workshops and discussions I have on this topic in 2014 alone. With the goals of becoming more agile, green and to offer IT as a Service (ITaaS), many of these are looking at implementing capabilities such as: self-service portals, service catalogs, chargebacks / showbacks, orchestration and automated provisioning.  Some are even thinking of migrating their application workloads onto off-premise private clouds.

Why is this trend happening?

In 2013, I wrote a blog on IDG’s study on The Dual Perspectives of ITaaS commissioned by EMC and VMware. Both the Business and IT agree on the importance of running IT as a business. However, there are three key areas where they have divergent priorities and views:


  • While IT believed that they have made great progress, Business thinks IT needs to improve on understanding what the business wants, improving time to market, communicating a clear vision of the future and gaining the trust of business leaders (Dual Perspectives on ITaaS: Conflicting Viewpoints)





  • Both IT and Business have different views of ITaaS roadblocks – IT thinks they are security, compliance, and developing a pricing model for IT services; while Business thinks they are communication, streamlining processes, and fostering skills (Dual Perspectives on ITaaS: Roadblocks Still Exist)

In 2013, we also saw a pronounced shift in more organizations getting comfortable with virtualization, an increased number of enterprise grade cloud service providers, drastic slashing of cloud services pricing and rising adoption of mobile computing, mobile applications and consumer cloud services. I believe these factors contribute to the progressive trends I see developing.

Nowadays, perhaps a few business leaders will be able to accept excuses or reasons that IT needs weeks or months to provision a server; or why there is no computing or storage capacity available to meet any urgent project demands.

Transforming towards ITaaS is not an easy journey and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. EMC guides customers through their transformation with our IT Transformation Workshop, via a three pronged approach – Infrastructure Transformation, Operating Model Transformation and Application Transformation.

Transforming infrastructure towards a Software Defined Data Center lays the foundation for an agile infrastructure. Operating Model Transformation establishes a service catalog, self service portal, orchestration automation, processes and organizational changes in IT to transform into agile operations. Consequently, Application Transformation allows IT to build their 3rd platform applications and businesses to tap into big data analytics to achieve improved business benefits.

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About Choong Keng Leong

Keng Leong has spent over 18 years dealing with large IT infrastructure projects in banks, government agencies, large telcos, and other organizations. He recognized the importance of IT as a Service early on, and has successfully helped many organizations move down that path.

Keng Leong has many professional certifications, including EMC Cloud Architect Expert (EMCCAe), Data Science Associate (EMCDSA) and ITIL v3 Expert, but his most important certification remains his sincere passion for IT as a Service and his strong belief in the future of IT being very cloud-centric.

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