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InFocus Year in Review: Top Trending Content of 2017

Casey May By Casey May InFocus Business Manager / Digital Strategist February 12, 2018

Digital transformation, the increasingly-present catalyst for universal change raced ahead in 2017, leaving no industry immune.

Fortunately, InFocus thought leadership stayed on top of technology’s rapid growth leveraging our real world experiences across the six customer-centric categories in which our bloggers write: Big Data, Cloud, Technology, Service Excellence, Learning and Data Protection.

In each of these disciplines, bloggers discussed how organizations need to adapt and transcend disruptive technology shifts – namely via Big Data, Cloud and IOT – into each and every way their business is conducted. From harnessing new skills to interacting with their own customers and external markets in opportune and growth-promising ways to changing the very foundation of the enterprise’s infrastructure.

Let’s take a look at this year’s most socially shared content per category by you, the InFocus reader.

Big Data

Difference between Big Data and Internet of Things by Bill Schmarzo

Bill discusses the differences between Big Data and IOT, the ‘IOT analytics challenge’ and IOT’s 3-tier architecture. Is your organization lacking an IOT Analytics strategy? Bill provides a framework and step-by-step guidelines to successfully launch your IOT  journey.


Is Data Science Really Science? by Bill Schmarzo

Bill discusses predictive indicators and behavioral insights harvested from data and analytics that enable an organization to base and alter decisions. The argument? Why react to customer trends, likes and dislikes in real-time when you can anticipate the patterns and effectively realign your strategy proactively?


5 Steps to Building a Big Data Business Strategy by Bill Schmarzo

Bill’s mantra ‘used well, Big Data changes the basis of competition in industry after industry’ incites organizations to build a business strategy that incorporates Big Data using a proven 5-Step approach. See Bill’s Top 2017 Big Data, Data Science and IOT Blogs here.


ROI of Private Cloud: Key Measurements and Metrics by Norman Dee

Norman discuss the 4 key concepts in projecting ROI – the costs, savings, NPV and Payback Period – and by way of illustration, provides detailed analyses of 3 organizations looking to move to private cloud.


NFV Operating Models “How to Mix Oil and Water (also known as IT Operations and Network Operations) by Laddie Suk

Laddie talks about Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) infrastructures, dismissing former respective ownership and role responsibilities. Can oil and water mix? Laddie advises designing a blended organization to operate NFV and provides step-by-step details on its planning and successful execution.


5 Lessons Learned from Enterprise-scale IT Transformations by Barb Robidoux

Can you benefit from the ‘lessons learned’ in on-the-ground execution of enterprise-scale IT transformations? Barb discusses why business-enabling IT transformation happens only when the gap between strategy and implementation is bridged, and weaves in Tom Roloff’s Top 5 Takeaways on IT Transformation for foolproof planning and execution.


Disrupt, or Else: Top 5 Digital Transformation Considerations by Alan Walsh

Alan discusses the vital importance for digitizing businesses from the top-down and the key themes for the digitization journey, including effective strategy and execution, agility, remaining customer-focused and embracing cultural change.


3 Key Elements to Database as a Service (DBaaS) by Haroon Qureshi

How does DBaaS fit into my current environment and organization? Haroon not only discusses the unprecedented level of functional and business benefits in transforming to DBaaS, but its impact to people, processes and technology.


How My Navy Career Informs My Work at Dell EMC by Josh Klein

As a client solutions leader, Josh discusses the process of identifying an organization’s appropriate IT transformation strategy and the importance of communications with and between stakeholders to ensure the vision will become a reality.

Service Excellence

Finally, PC Imaging that Doesn’t Require Time Travel by John Moody

Does one have to embark on a 120-year space travel journey to come by the perfect imaging tool and processes? Heck, no, says John who presents Dell EMC’s ProDeploy Plus and ImageAssist as the solution for an organization’s infinite imaging demands.


4 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Data Migration by Jim Donovan

The crucial component to a successful migration relies on those people and partners who are proven industry experts and well-versed in moving data. So how can you distinguish the amateurs from the pros? Jim provides four considerations to help you make the decision.


Say Goodbye to Labor Intensive, Hello to Light-Touch Deployment for PCs by John Moody

“To sit back and let fate play its hand out and never influence it is not the way man was meant to operate.” It’s a quote from the late U.S Senator John Glenn through which Moody conveys his enthusiasm for ProDeploy Client Suite, a product offering that enables Dell EMC customers’ administrators and service partners to deploy PCs with greater speed and efficiency like never before.


Step into a Learning Zone to Realize Your Full Potential by Kei Tsuda

How does the Learning Zone differ from the Performance Zone? Kei distinguishes between the two and challenges us to proactively pursue training from various online learning platforms and attending company events and seminars to realize our full potential – whether or not mandated by our work environment.


What does it mean to be an Entrepreneur? by Bill Schmarzo

What are the core set of characteristics that differentiate entrepreneurs from others? Bill tells us one of those characteristics is ‘impassioned entrepreneurial thinking,’ a quality that leads an individual to challenge commonly held truths. “When you approach things from the entrepreneurial angle, life becomes very exciting and fun,” says Bill.


Earn Your Dell EMC VMware Co-Skilled Digital Badge by Kei Tsuda

Data Protection

Can the Internet Ever Be Secure? by David Edborg

David discusses the substantial and escalating cost to cybercrime, why cybercrime is the perfect ‘ghost crime’ and how organizations can implement Blockchain technologies to not only protect the information we don’t want accessed, but identify the assailant.


Transforming Security for Our Next Generation Systems by David Edborg

Can an organization overcome feeling vulnerable to cyberattack by composing a security architecture with 190 products? 290? David discusses the weaknesses in the high-level 5 functions of the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) and in turn, how Dell Technologies delivers security essentials that provide real-time threat detection, business context and the management needed to keep valuable assets safe and business innovating.

Summary: ‘Disrupt or Be Disrupted’

In 2017, our record-breaking number of readers gravitated towards content and thought leadership on IT and Digital Transformation that’s shaping our present and imminent future—advances and knowledge about Big Data, IOT, Cloud, Cybersecurity, and how to build strategy and business models leveraging the superhighway of Data and Analytics.

Although none of our blogs on Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence were featured here in the 2017 recap, VR/AR and AI were topics poignantly discussed. These topics will grow more prominent as part of our InFocus presentation in 2018.

Please remain engaged with InFocus as our bloggers lead us into this New Year with continued compelling discussion across our six customer-centric categories, impart advice on how to ‘stay digitally fit and relevant,’ and offer expert counsel on the next generation of IT breakthroughs.

We are excited for what’s to come and thank you.

Also a special thanks to the backstage crew who helped drive a successful 2017.

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Casey May

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Casey is a proud graduate of Bentley College where he earned a BS in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing, and received his MBA from Nichols College.

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