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Taking Pause to Remember Why You Do What You Do

Carolyn Muise By Carolyn Muise September 30, 2014

If you are like most, you spend much of your work day multi-tasking as you work to manage a host of priorities and meet countless demands on your time. Every so often, it is valuable to take a pause to focus on the big picture and remember the answer to, “Why do you do what you do?” At EMC, our goal is that each and every person in our company provides the same answer, “To Satisfy the customer!”

At EMC we put a heavy emphasis on our customer’s experience.  We have built a program team that focuses on identifying ways in which we can continually improve our customer’s experience with EMC; however, we firmly believe everyone impacts the customer – some directly, others indirectly – but collectively we [EMC’s internal eco-system] make up EMC’s Total Customer Experience (TCE).

Customer Experience Day Banner

On October 7th, EMC will celebrate its commitment to its customers & partners.  Customer Experience Day sponsored by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (a non-profit group) is celebrated by companies across the world.  EMC is proud to host our first-ever Total Customer Experience Day—Celebrating Globally our commitment to customers.

The day will include live events at 11 EMC offices in 7 countries.  Each site will be customizing their own celebration with virtual access across the globe.

  • ECN Virtual Celebration: Various countries will host TCE experts on ECN.  These EMC professionals will represent various roles at EMC.  They will be available to all ECN members to answer questions and discuss future opportunities to enhance the customer and partner experience.
  • Experience Analytics Showcase: We will also launch the Experience Analytics Showcase on this day.  You may have seen this at EMC World 2014
    in the TCE booth where it was first unveiled.  Everyone enjoyed it so immensely we knew we had to make it available year round.  This interactive Analytics_Showcaseweb tool will be available to everyone to explore how EMC visualizes our customer feedback and other metrics to gain new insights.  Keep an eye on the Total Customer Experience website for more information on this event.
  • Full Executive Engagement: Many of our executives will be on hand at
    execeach site to speak on the importance of the customer experience, recognize groups and individuals for their
    contributions, and to share in the celebration.  The entire leadership team, myself included, are committed to maintaining the customer first culture that starts at the top.

The intent of this day is to take a pause and celebrate our customer-centric culture; to engage EMC employees & customers around our customer experience vision; and gain feedback to assist in driving continuous improvement.

How does your company embrace / celebrate its commitment to the customer experience?


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