IT Transformation: An Urgent Business Imperative

Bask Iyer By Bask Iyer Chief Information Officer, VMware; General Manager, Edge/IoT, Dell Technologies October 24, 2018

For more than a decade, VMware and Dell EMC have worked closely with CIOs and their teams at our IT Transformation Workshops to evolve their IT organizations from a service provider to a true strategic business partner, working in lockstep with their organization’s leadership team. I’m very excited to share the new IDG/Dell EMC analysis, CIOs Reveal Their Priorities and Successes in IT Transformation, which offers a rich set of IT transformation insights drawing from teams’ top IT priorities, progress towards reaching those goals and key technologies and operational challenges. What’s clear from the analysis is that IT transformation is not just a nice-to-have anymore; it’s now an urgent business imperative, with business goals now fully dependent on IT Operations.

Not surprisingly, many IT transformation priorities have held steady over the years, while some have faded and new ones have emerged. One of most critical factors for success remains gaining a strong backing from the business. Just as paramount is building a sustainable IT service delivery and operating model; here’s where cloud computing plays an important role in delivering IT as a service and aiding business resiliency. What I found most interesting in the data were the emerging priorities that CIOs and IT decision-makers revealed: continuous deployment, the importance of DevOps in streamlining and automating processes and platform initiatives such as Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Containers as a Service (CaaS).

And, if you are having trouble with getting and sustaining momentum for a transformation initiative, you’ll want to check out this 3-part blog series on multi-cloud strategy. The first one is Moving to Multi-Cloud: How to Get Stakeholders Aligned. Or try 4 Steps for a Successful Transition to a Multi-cloud Model.

I encourage you to read the analysis and learn how industry peers are tackling a wide variety of challenges while keeping pace with fast-emerging technologies such as IoT and AI. The insights provide a clear window into today’s IT landscape, and how CIOs such as yourself are evolving their organizations. It will be time well spent!


Bask Iyer

About Bask Iyer

Chief Information Officer, VMware; General Manager, Edge/IoT, Dell Technologies

Bask Iyer is the CIO at VMware. He joined VMware in March 2015 and now leads its global information and technology organization, a group that manages critical technology systems supporting the company’s worldwide business operations. In August 2018, Iyer added the responsibility of general manager, Edge/IoT for Dell Technologies. From December 2016 to August 2018, he also held the role of chief information officer for Dell.

A respected industry veteran, Iyer brings more than 25 years of experience in executing and driving change in traditional Fortune 100 manufacturing companies and Silicon Valley-based high technology firms. Prior to joining VMware, Iyer served as senior vice president and chief information officer at Juniper Networks, where he was responsible for the company’s technology and business operations, which included critical services around business transformation, global business services, IT and real estate, and workplace services. Before joining Juniper Networks, he served as chief information officer at Honeywell, and chief information officer at GlaxoSmithKline Beecham for consumer healthcare research and development, where he was also the company’s e-commerce leader. Iyer holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Annamalai University in India and a master’s degree in computer science from Florida Institute of Technology.

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