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The Power of Opportunity: One Year of Dell EMC

Barbara Robidoux By Barbara Robidoux September 12, 2017

One year ago, I stood among a crowd of celebrating colleagues and toasted the coming together of Dell EMC. As we listened to Michael Dell forecast the future of our newly combined family of businesses, I was excited by our vision to change the world through innovation and transformation.

One-Year-Celebration_Facebook_Instagram_600x600 (1)One year later, I stand back with pride — and a little bit of awe — at the heights we have reached. Dell EMC truly demonstrates the power of one. One company that is uniquely positioned to deliver every element of the IT industry. To our teams, our customers, and our partners, I offer a deep thank you! Our one-year anniversary would be nothing without you.

In my corner of the world, I can only praise the coming together of our Dell EMC Services and Dell IT teams. Making up more than 40 percent of our global workforce, the two teams were tasked with ensuring we delivered the customer experience you have come to expect, while keeping more than 140,000 of our team members seamlessly connected so the work of Dell EMC would begin without interruption.

Our Dell EMC Services Consulting team hit the ground running, making the Dell EMC vision real for our global customers. At the tip of the spear, Dell EMC Services Consulting provides the technical expertise to help you realize Digital, IT, and Workforce transformation. Winners of the 2017 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award, our Consulting professionals — with more than 10,000 transformations under their belt — are helping customers achieve their optimal business outcomes in hyper-competitive marketplaces.

Our Dell EMC Services Support and Deployment teams forged ahead to introduce new services that build upon our respective legacies of unmatched customer experiences. We rolled out Pro Support One on Day 1 and within months introduced, ProDeploy Client Suite, and most recently Premium Support Plus. We have strived to combine our technology and ingenuity into unified Dell EMC Services Support and Deployment capabilities that raise the bar of our industry-leading customer experience.

Dell IT has set the example for all future enterprise mergers. In successfully executing one of the largest network combinations in IT history, Dell IT became an incubator of transformation. Dell IT has put our words and technology into practice by actively managing 19 global data centers that support nearly 250,000 devices and 2,600 applications, and migrating 100,000 devices to Windows 10 all while keeping our network safe and trusted.

So, after a year spent learning, merging, testing, and innovating — what’s next for Dell EMC Services and IT? In a word: opportunity. Industry data shows that service, support, and ease of implementation are more important when it comes to selecting data center solutions than any other factor — 59% according to the Enterprise Strategy Group.


As technology further evolves, so will Dell EMC Services and IT. We are making significant investments to continuously transform our technologies and philosophies, all via intelligence and automation using apps, sensors, and IoT for greater proactive, predictive support backed by deep, rich consultative expertise. We are your tools in the toolbox, ready to identify your issues, prescribe solutions, and train and assist your workforce so you can reach your peak business potential.

Our team, and our company, are ready for what’s next. Yet, our commitment to you remains the same — to deliver a world-class experience that is at the core of everything we do. Thank you again to our customers and partners who have joined on this journey, and let us all shape Year 2 and beyond together!

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