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Fundamental Appetite for IT Services Exposed in Hidden Figures

Barbara Robidoux By Barbara Robidoux Senior Vice President, Dell Technologies Services and Dell Digital April 17, 2017

In case you haven’t seen it, Hidden Figures is a dramatic film portraying three women who courageously overcame a deep bias to prove themselves invaluable to the early success of the United States’ National Air and Space Administration (NASA).

As a backdrop, the film also touches the nascent years of information technology and the fundamental appetites that have driven commercial and public organizations to purchase IT services since the late 1950’s. These three universal and perpetual motivations for “bringing in the experts” include:

  • Identifying how IT will help us reach a business objective – We know what we need to accomplish, how do we get there using IT? Historically, companies have called in IT consultants. In Hidden Figures, they needed to calculate analytic geometry in greater volume and more quickly—the objective.
  • Reaching our objective faster than we can by ourselves – IT departments have regularly utilized consultants, deployment experts, and IT training to quickly get to their objectives. In the film—though these early attempts were clumsy—IT experts helped plan and deploy the mainframe. While one of the heroines in the film takes responsibility for her training.
  • Optimizing IT productivity – It’s all about uptime! It’s about maximizing infrastructure output. Consultants and even managed services have a part, but the burden usually rests heavily on technical support. We don’t get to see this in the film. Support is often the hidden hero in the fight for productivity.

In almost six decades since the first human spaceflight program, we’ve come a long way in the world of IT services. Today’s big hairy audacious goal (BHAG) is moving your business or organization into the digital world. Accordingly, the services skillsets, experience, tools, and breadth of capabilities have expanded exponentially; for example…

You might find our consultants driving big data vision workshops for a bank in London, building hybrid cloud platforms for a global shipping company in Shanghai, or creating processes to deliver IT services for the US government in Washington, DC.

The Dell EMC deployment teams around the world wake up daily to site planning, order consolidation, asset reporting and labeling, installation, imaging, integration…their to-do list goes on and on. They are walking-talking digital deployment superheroes every day and in dozens of different languages.

With an emphasis on business outcomes and continuous improvement of global IT services quality, our managed services offer a consistent customer experience at every layer of delivery, and our expert advisors create value through guaranteed service levels, pricing and resource allocation for customers in every corner of the map.

The Dell EMC Services approach to support – powered by personalized, proactive and predictive capabilities and an elite team of experts—increases uptime, prevents issues, accelerates repairs, and reduces parts shipments. That’s not just good for IT, but for your digitally-powered doers, your business bottom line, and for our environment.

Our IT training catalog is over 70 pages long. There’s training available for everything from cloud infrastructure to VMware vSphere, from data science to converged infrastructure. To optimize any digital transformation, your people have to immerse themselves in a continuous learning zone.

In my last blog, It’s About the Omelet, I urged adopting a business strategy that incorporates digital IT specifically to better serve the people relying on you. That’s your organizational objective. Digital transformation is your Mercury, Gemini, or Apollo spaceflight program, your North Star…pun intended. The competition is intense. Lives and standards of living are on the line.

But you don’t have to send your employees and customers to the moon by yourself. Dell EMC Services will be right there in mission control beside you.

Barbara Robidoux

About Barbara Robidoux

Senior Vice President, Dell Technologies Services and Dell Digital

Barbara Robidoux is Senior Vice President, Dell Technologies Services and Dell Digital. In this role Barbara is responsible for driving marketing innovation in support of strategic priorities such as lifecycle management of Dell Technologies services portfolio, strengthening the partner ecosystem, and ensuring go-to-market alignment between all aspects of Dell Technologies Services with product divisions and sales.

Barbara has held other marketing leadership positions at Dell EMC, most recently running EMC’s Worldwide Executive Briefing Center program and Global Customer Reference team. Prior to that, she ran Product Marketing for five years.

Before joining EMC (now Dell Technologies), Barbara held product marketing positions at Cambex Corporation and Data General. She holds an undergraduate degree and MBA from Babson College, and attended the University of London in London, England.

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