Big Data Readiness Framework Part III: Prove the Business Value of Your Analytics Use Case

Barbara Robidoux By Barbara Robidoux Senior Vice President, Dell Technologies Services and Dell Digital July 27, 2015

In my last post, I introduced a readiness framework for big data, and profiled “Undecided” customers who need help in identifying and prioritizing the first business use case for big data analytics. In this post, we’ll shift focus to “Motivated” customers who already have a use case, and now need help to prove the value of the use case back to the business using real data on an analytic environment like we’ll see in this diagram.

In our experience, it’s best to do that in a pre-production environment first. Here’s a simple way of looking at it:

EMC will set up an analytic environment that will support your use case.

  1. First, we’ll source and prepare the data for analysis.
  2. Second, we’ll perform advanced analytics and create data models.
  3. Third, we’ll extract insights and model an analytics solution.
  4. And finally, we’ll integrate the data into your relevant applications so that the data becomes useful and useable to your users – ultimately converting data insights into business value. This is the key step that connects the dots:  value comes at the intersection of technology and people.

This is about action, and we’ve helped customers with all of it: setting up the analytic environment, ingesting real data from multiple different sources in multiple different ways, performing analytics and capturing insights to prove the value of the big data use case.

For your organization: How are you planning to turn big data analytics into measurable business value? How important is it to prove the value of a use case before fully operationalizing a solution?

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Barbara Robidoux

About Barbara Robidoux

Senior Vice President, Dell Technologies Services and Dell Digital

Barbara Robidoux is Senior Vice President, Dell Technologies Services and Dell Digital. In this role Barbara is responsible for driving marketing innovation in support of strategic priorities such as lifecycle management of Dell Technologies services portfolio, strengthening the partner ecosystem, and ensuring go-to-market alignment between all aspects of Dell Technologies Services with product divisions and sales.

Barbara has held other marketing leadership positions at Dell EMC, most recently running EMC’s Worldwide Executive Briefing Center program and Global Customer Reference team. Prior to that, she ran Product Marketing for five years.

Before joining EMC (now Dell Technologies), Barbara held product marketing positions at Cambex Corporation and Data General. She holds an undergraduate degree and MBA from Babson College, and attended the University of London in London, England.

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