Big Data Readiness Framework Part IV: To Infinity and Beyond!

Barbara Robidoux By Barbara Robidoux Senior Vice President, Dell Technologies Services and Dell Digital July 27, 2015

In the first three posts of this series, I introduced a readiness framework for big data, and profiled “Undecided” customers who need help in figuring out the first business use case for big data analytics, and also “Motivated” customers who need to prove the value of the use case on an analytics environment using real data.

In this final post of the series, I want to shift focus to those progressive customers who are “Ready” to onboard technology and accelerate proficiency in big data analytics.

Because big data analytics are almost always tied to revenue opportunities, customer experience, operational efficiency or overall competitive advantage, once you hit the “Ready” phase, it’s all about time to value. And that’s the problem statement, because there’s typically a fairly lengthy timeline to get going with any new technology deployment – especially in an area like big data analytics, which also requires investment in new skills, and process and governance changes.

Let’s break it down: obviously there’s the initial installation of a business data lake. The new hardware and software has to be properly configured. There may also be some customization required, to connect to your key data sources and work within the context of your unique IT environment. And of course you’ll need to factor in staffing and training implications to get developers, administrators, operators and analysts proficient at running and operating a data analytics environment. Together, all of this is likely to take months, or more. But who has that kind of time to go to infinity and beyond …?


What if you could greatly accelerate that timeline? Trim it down to just a few weeks?

This in fact is what EMC Global Services refers to as our Technology Onboarding Service.  When you are ready to deploy big data analytics into production environments, we can get you up and running and in control in about 4-5 weeks.  That’s 4-5 weeks in terms of time to value, not just initial installation.  So it includes our experts coming in and standing up a data lake architecture, configuring it for your specific data sources, and preparing you to start delivering on your big data use cases.  Instead of leaving you with capabilities, we leave you ready to deliver value, to iterate over and over against multiple business use cases.

For your organization: When it comes to big data analytics, and your ability to turn data into insights for business value creation, how would you describe your organization? Are you Ready? Motivated? Undecided?

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Barbara Robidoux

About Barbara Robidoux

Senior Vice President, Dell Technologies Services and Dell Digital

Barbara Robidoux is Senior Vice President, Dell Technologies Services and Dell Digital. In this role Barbara is responsible for driving marketing innovation in support of strategic priorities such as lifecycle management of Dell Technologies services portfolio, strengthening the partner ecosystem, and ensuring go-to-market alignment between all aspects of Dell Technologies Services with product divisions and sales.

Barbara has held other marketing leadership positions at Dell EMC, most recently running EMC’s Worldwide Executive Briefing Center program and Global Customer Reference team. Prior to that, she ran Product Marketing for five years.

Before joining EMC (now Dell Technologies), Barbara held product marketing positions at Cambex Corporation and Data General. She holds an undergraduate degree and MBA from Babson College, and attended the University of London in London, England.

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