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10 Most Read InFocus Blogs of 2019: Laying the Foundation for What’s Possible in the Next Decade!

Barbara Robidoux By Barbara Robidoux January 7, 2020

After flipping my calendar to 2020, I took a step back and it struck me—not just that another decade has flown by, but that the Data Decade we spoke about throughout 2019 is officially here. As we prepare for the next 10 years, emerging technologies like AI, machine learning and 5G will shift the way businesses and individuals interact with the world around us to achieve the previously unthinkable.

Before we get there, join me for a final look back at 2019 and our Top 10 InFocus blogs from the past year—laying the foundation for what’s possible in the decade ahead.

How 5G Relates to SDN and NFV Technologies – Part I: Intro and History

The top performer of 2019 was a four-part series authored by Javier Guillermo on 5G and how it relates to SDN and NFV technologies. Will 2020 be the year that 5G takes off – or will it be more of a slow burn versus a big bang?

Accelerate Your Path to Cloud with Dell Technologies Cloud and Consulting Services

Denise Partlow explains how customers can accelerate the path to cloud, with a simplified approach to hybrid cloud strategy, deployment and management.

Set Up Your IoT Infrastructure for Success by Using a Platform of Platforms Approach

To set up an IOT Infrastructure for success, Anandh Venkatraman advocates taking a platform-of-platforms approach.

Best Practices to Accelerate SQL Server Modernization (Part I)

SQL Server celebrated its 30th birthday, and Robert Sonders proclaims his love for one of the most prolific databases of our time, by sharing some best practices to accelerate SQL Server modernization.

Microsoft Teams and Slack – Why?

In the #5 spot, Mike Shea discusses the differences between new collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Slack and how they can eliminate the disjointed team engagement of legacy tools.

Moving Your Software-defined Data Center to Windows Server 2019

According to David Ulbrich, if you are moving your software defined data center to Windows Server 2019 there are two options – migrate or upgrade – and decide if you want to DIY or get help.

Using SD-WAN to Tame the Wild West of Exploding Internet Traffic

When it comes to SD WAN it isn’t a matter of if your company will move, but when and how. Jason Chan explains why SD WAN is important in taming the wild west of exploding internet traffic.

How Dell is Evolving Buyer Experience with PCF and Pivotal Labs

Harsh Acharya discussed how we at Dell are evolving the online buyer experience with PCF and Pivotal labs methodology – not just to improve ecommerce but to advance digital transformation across the company.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Digital Future?

Highlights from Dell Technologies World came in at #9, but rather than take you back to last year’s news, this is a good one to look ahead on, so check out DTW 2020 – or better yet, register today to take advantage of the “Early Bird Special.”

How to Free Up Your IT Talent to Drive Innovation and Transformation

And #10 on our list is also a #1: Doug Schmitt introduces a Forrester Report which explains how customers are using vendor Services to free up IT talent to drive innovation and transformation. This one was not only our #10 blog, the report itself was our #1 download on

What’s in store for you in 2020? How do you plan to succeed in the Data Decade?

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