Shiri Gaber

Data Scientist, Dell Data Science Solutions

Shiri has been a Data Scientist at DELL for the last 3.5 years, working as part of the Dell Data Science Solutions team. The team is responsible for delivering innovative data-based solutions applying state-of the art Machine Learning algorithms and using Big Data platforms. Among its customers are internal business units at DELL as well as external companies.

The team’s charter includes, among others: define, along with the customer, the business problem at hand and desired deliverables; extract and work the data leveraging Big Data platforms (such as Hadoop, Spark and Elastic Search); develop and evaluate a Machine Learning model; and finally present an attractive visualization of the suggested solution to the customer.

During her time with Dell, Shiri has led and participated in projects revolving around diversified business domains such as: hardware failure prediction, optimized resource allocation and anomaly detection for mission critical IT systems.

Shiri’s academic background is in the field of computational neuroscience. In her thesis, she explored the correlations between Macaque monkeys’ V1-V2 neuronal activities applying large scale simulations as well as Machine Learning techniques on single electrode recordings.