Michael Shepherd

Distinguished Engineer, Dell Technologies

Michael is a Distinguished Engineer and recognized technical evangelist who speaks globally on the impact of emerging technologies. With 25 yrs of experience in Technology backed by 14 years of growing up in Asia, he currently leads AI Research for Dell Technologies Services and serves on the Pan Dell Patent Committee.

Michaels responsibilities include engaging with external researchers and collaborating internally across the Chief Technology Offices to envision and drive transformation as we prepare for the Age of AI.

As Augmented Intelligence improves the efficiency by which humans and machines work together, Michael focuses on “the possibilities” with Machine Intelligence and provides a vision for how Data Scientists in Dell Technologies Services can help drive human progress and better outcomes for businesses and humanity.

Michaels experience as a sole proprietor and subsequent 20+ yrs at Dell in multiple organizations give him a unique perspective of Dell’s entire product lifecycle. He serves on the MSBA advisory council for the University of Texas McCombs School of Business and has been granted thirteen hardware and software patents in eight countries.

When he isn’t consumed by Machine Intelligence, he can be found hiking with family and friends somewhere off the beaten path and out of service.