Joe Pearlman

Solution Principal, Cloud Native CI/CD and IaC DevOps, Dell Technologies Consulting

Joe Pearlman is a Solution Principal for Dell Technologies Consulting focused on Cloud Native CI/CD and Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) DevOps based out of New Jersey.

Previously he worked in Delivery on DevOps and IaC projects spanning industries of telecommunications, finance and banking, insurance, retail and travel since joining the company in 2013. His experience in DevOps began well before DevOps the term was coined some 10 years ago. The provenance of the Continuous Delivery operating model, a key foundation to DevOps and IaC, equal to the importance of Agile in this quickly evolving field, has finally received its due recognition in Digital Transformation.

The best thing about working at Dell is the great people we work with and the level of engagement we have with our teams and customers. Each conversation builds on the next, and each solution comprises a high level of dedication and collaboration. Being in this new role, Joe has seen this through our impressive case studies and content ever-focused on winning an opportunity to deliver excellence to our clients.