Ed Woodrick

Office 365 Solutions Architect, Dell Technologies Consulting Services

Ed Woodrick has been with Dell Technologies for over 15 years primarily focused on Microsoft Messaging and Identity services. During this time, he has been involved in every part of the solutioning process from the initial customer meetings all the way until the customer is satisfied.

Ed’s focus has lead him to provide guidance and expertise often around Mergers and Acquisition, assisting customers create homogenous environments by integrating messaging and identity systems, the core of an organization’s operations.

With the advent of Office 365, Ed has focused on assisting customers make the jump to the cloud as a seamless and expeditious process. While the inclusion of factors such as security and volume of data make this jump seem a “leap of fate” Ed has worked with customers to ease and optimize the transition.

In his free time, Ed is heavily involved with Amateur Radio. He can often be found roaming the country providing education on digital radio operations. In the event of an emergency, Ed can be counted on as being there, ready to help.