Craig Wilkey

Manager, Services Knowledge Management

Craig began his journey with Dell EMC as the EMC IT Knowledge Management process owner in April of 2014. About a year later he moved into the Services Knowledge Management team for an exciting opportunity to play a role in guiding the strategy of EMC’s Service 360 Transformation program.

Craig has spent his twenty plus years as a Service Management professional focused on improving customer and user experience – largely through Incident Management and Knowledge Management leadership roles. His passion for linguistic analysis and Natural Language Processing is mostly driven by the many innovative ways it can be used as the glue to bind customer advocacy processes together – but he’s also just a total nerd for linguistics and etymology.

Craig is an ITIL Expert, former ITIL instructor, and a proud recipient of an ITSM industry ‘Innovation of the Year’ award for a Service Knowledge Management product he managed.

Craig hopes he’ll have time to publish more on InFocus than he has on his personal blog – which has felt neglected since his twins were born in August of 2013.