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Why Hardware Deployment Is the Unsung Hero in Your IT Transformation

Anna Le By Anna Le Vice President, Enterprise Services Product Group February 13, 2018

What if you could achieve production readiness 66% faster?

One of the most rewarding parts of my role at Dell EMC is meeting customers and learning how we can best help them overcome their challenges to make their IT transformation real. Customer input is a big part of what informs our transformative journey: to develop ever-better, ever-simpler services—with a great end-to-end customer experience.

Another Milestone

Today we reached another milestone in our services journey with the unification of deployment services across the entire Dell EMC hardware portfolio.

It’s a journey that began with the unification of support services in the ProSupport Suite and continues with the unification of our ProDeploy Suite of services for deploying Dell EMC hardware—servers, storage, data protection and networking infrastructure—across the data center—and across data centers worldwide.

Don’t Risk Doing It Yourself

It’s a simple fact: every new product must be deployed by someone.

As the pace of technology changes and pressure to “do more with less” grows, many IT organizations are revisiting the cost/reward calculations of in-house deployment.


By standardizing and unifying deployment services with ProDeploy Suite, we can leverage—and pass along—consistency and economy-of-scale advantages that reduce time, cost and complexity.

We invest in new service offer development hand-in-hand with the design of new infrastructure solutions. We continually refine our deployment skills, tools and best practices to put the latest innovations fully to work, quickly and smoothly.

How Do You Define “Ready?”

Our global service delivery experience has shown us that different organizations and projects require different levels of deployment to be “ready” on day one. Ready can mean anything from racking equipment to installing a baseline configuration all the way to implementing a fully enabled solution.

That’s why ProDeploy Suite services are designed to deliver three different levels of functional, operational and production readiness—with services from basic hardware installation, to planning and configuration, to software installation, and knowledge transfer and training.








Realizing a Complete Service Experience

Our suites, ProSupport and ProDeploy, are easily combined with other Dell EMC services, such as Residency and Intelligent Data Mobility. Together they provide the advantages of simplicity and consistency—with the additional expertise, coordination and support needed to achieve specific objectives whether in a local facility or on a global scale.

Our Journey Together Doesn’t End Here

The ProDeploy Suite is the next step—but not the last—in our journey to offer easy-to-understand and easy-to-consume services—flexible enough to meet your needs, but without the expense and delay often associated with custom services.

As we continue on our journey, our objective is to build reliability and agility into our services that accelerate customer IT transformation—from the edge, to the data center, to the cloud, to the multi-cloud.

Our success depends on matching customers to the right deployment service to deliver on the potential of our Dell EMC infrastructure solutions—across the IT lifecycle.

So let us hear from you by commenting below!

*Based on”Bring new systems to production readiness faster and with less effort from in-house administrators,” a Principled Technologies Test Report commissioned by Dell, February 2017. Full report found here:
**Based on a July 2017 internal analysis of support data from February 2016 through June 2017 for Dell PowerEdge, Dell Networking, and Dell SCv/PS/PowerVault Storage devices. Actual results may vary.
Anna Le

About Anna Le

Vice President, Enterprise Services Product Group

Anna Le joined Dell in 1999 and has held various leadership positions within the Client, Enterprise Product Groups and Services organization. She has lead teams with regional and global responsibilities for product development, business development and tech support operations. Anna currently leads the Dell EMC Services portfolio team responsible for the strategy and development of support and deployment services for Enterprise products including servers, storage, networking and solutions. Prior to Dell, Anna spent five years at Applied Materials, a semiconductor company, in various manufacturing roles. Anna lives in Austin, TX with her husband and two children.

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