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Total Customer Experience Global Celebration – Are you in?

Alan Walsh By Alan Walsh Vice President, Global Support Center October 1, 2015



Where will you be on October 5-11? I certainly know where I’ll be – attending the many scheduled EMC campus events associated with the Total Customer Experience (TCE) Global Celebration!


This celebration was inspired by CX Day.

TCEDayAn ever-increasing day of significance, CX Day was founded by the Customer Experience Professionals Association in 2013. Since that time the event has grown stronger each year. So what is CX Day and why is this so relevant? It’s our opportunity to recognize and celebrate customers, partners, team members and colleagues. This continues to forge strong partnerships for successful business collaborations.

I was recently involved in a very complex and technical customer problem which required a truly phenomenal team effort to bring to conclusion. Throughout this engagement, EMC worked maniacally around the clock to address the customer’s concerns and frequently communicate the progress, actions and next steps associated with our work. With the issues addressed, the customer CTO summed up EMC’s involvement with the following statement:

As a service professional, this customer’s experience is what we strive to demonstrate every day. It’s what gets us up in the morning!

TCE is a holistic listening culture. The above customer engagement is just one example of how we put that into action. Another great example is the EMC TCE Program. It’s an end-to-end approach to engage, enable and evolve with our customers and partners. The program leverages a wide array of feedback platforms, robust quality metrics and predictive analytics to drive continuous improvement across EMC and throughout the customer journey.

As mentioned, much of our TCE approach revolves around LISTENING TO OUR CUSTOMERS – did I say that loud enough? Actually, let me say it again: we LISTEN TO OUR CUSTOMERS! The TCE program does this in the following ways:

»     Surveystce stats

»     Community Forums

»     Social Media

»     Text-Based Monitoring

»     1:1 Interviews

»     Customer-Focused Events

»     Direct Account Input

Our customers are the single most important factor in EMC – standards, product development, features functionality, and strategic direction are areas where our customers’ voices are both sought and heard. The TCE Global Celebration gives us the opportunity to celebrate this.

In 2014, more than 4,000 employees and 150 customers and partners participated. It was the ideal place to thank every team member across the globe for their incredible passion and focus on our customers/partners; for always going the extra mile no matter what role they have in the company. Events were celebrated in 13 sites across 7 different countries. In parallel a large virtual audience participated through

»     67K+ Content Views

»     18K+ Customer/Partner Views

»     12.3% Social Share of Voice (#CXDAY)

»     550+ Employee Stories From 18 Countries

A cornerstone of the company’s strategy remains “customer first in all we do”. Make time to attend, in person or online, share your own experiences to educate others, and celebrate with your friends and colleagues why CX Day and the TCE Global Celebration matters!!

Alan Walsh

About Alan Walsh

Vice President, Global Support Center

Alan has been with EMC (now Dell EMC) since 1995, primarily in Services. Those years give him a unique perspective on the Dell EMC Services portfolio as well as global customers. Alan spent much of his career interacting directly with executive customers in all situations and geographies, and is currently responsible globally for Global Support Center.

Prior to this, Alan had global business leadership roles responsible for Remote Delivery for the EMC Data Protection and Availability portfolio, Unified Storage Division (1000+ team), and proactive customer engagement related to EMC’s Elite Program and Account Management Services. In these roles Alan also worked directly with both EMC and customer executives as needed on business problems and growing customer relationships.

Alan honed his technical, leadership and change management skills within EMC’s Support and Manufacturing organizations, and has applied his deep experience of EMC’s technology to grow the skill sets of both internal and partner service teams.

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