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Top 10 Industry-Changing Digital Transformations

Alan Walsh By Alan Walsh Vice President, Global Support Center January 12, 2016

In my recent blog discussion with Frank Coleman, we spoke about the accelerating rate of digital transformation. I find this change fascinating, and came across a really good summary that captured just how much change we have seen and already adopted, both seamlessly and subconsciously. I freely admit the summary I found was put together by a different technology vendor, but I added a few to get to a nice, neat…with apologies to David Letterman…Top 10 Digital Transformations. So, without further ado, from the home office in Ashland, MA:

  1. Uber: The world’s largest taxi company owns 0 taxis
  2. Airbnb: The largest accommodation provider does not own real estate
  3. TripAdvisor: The world’s largest travel company owns 0 inventory
  4. Skype, Whatsapp, WeChat: The largest phone companies do not own any telco infrastructure
  5. SocietyOne: The fastest growing bank has no actual money
  6. Alibaba: The world’s most valuable retailer has no inventory
  7. Apple & Google: The largest software vendors don’t write the apps
  8. Facebook: The most popular media owner does not create content
  9. Netflix: The world’s largest movie house does not own any cinemas
  10. YouTube, Hulu, Amazon: The largest stores of streaming TV recordings have no in-home storage

The list goes on and on…and everyone has an opinion on what could or should be on this list. And that’s the key here – everyone can relate to something now available digitally that replaces something that used to only exist physically.

When we talk public and hybrid clouds, there is little or no difference in the above context. Many businesses are moving into the digital world for the same reasons as those above – faster, more efficient, on-demand availability, wider target audience, agility, and more. But now the consumer just expects it. While the above list is primarily focused on the consumer, make no mistake that this change is spreading to businesses, big and small. Companies that don’t fully embrace a digital transformation strategy will find themselves quickly left behind.

Within EMC, Virtustream gives customers that leverage – moving a business seamlessly to the cloud, allowing a step-change in overall agility, with a full complement of solutions and secure backup strategies to fit evolving business needs. Better still, this range of options is “as-a-service” for customers, to allow flexibility in developing the right strategy.

As this transformation continues to develop in the next few years, EMC is positioned as a strategic partner for customers to build out this digital strategy. It will continue to be a fascinating story and I have every confidence that the list above will continue to see new digital businesses redefine traditional market segments.

Alan Walsh

About Alan Walsh

Vice President, Global Support Center

Alan has been with EMC (now Dell EMC) since 1995, primarily in Services. Those years give him a unique perspective on the Dell EMC Services portfolio as well as global customers. Alan spent much of his career interacting directly with executive customers in all situations and geographies, and is currently responsible globally for Global Support Center.

Prior to this, Alan had global business leadership roles responsible for Remote Delivery for the EMC Data Protection and Availability portfolio, Unified Storage Division (1000+ team), and proactive customer engagement related to EMC’s Elite Program and Account Management Services. In these roles Alan also worked directly with both EMC and customer executives as needed on business problems and growing customer relationships.

Alan honed his technical, leadership and change management skills within EMC’s Support and Manufacturing organizations, and has applied his deep experience of EMC’s technology to grow the skill sets of both internal and partner service teams.

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