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Intelligent Self Service That’s Personalized Too

Alan Walsh By Alan Walsh Vice President, Global Support Center March 23, 2017

With the New Year came a new role for me: leading Dell EMC’s Global Support Center. Although roles change, one critical objective remains clear: customers are our first priority. That means continuing to work to understand every customer’s unique requirements and offering choice via personalized, proactive and predictive capabilities to put our customers in control of their service and support experiences.

Customer expectations are shaping service and support strategies and technology investments. The hottest trend is companies expanding self-service and investing in how their support content is structured and presented to customers.

TSIA’s 4 Self-Service Trends and Pacesetter Practices to Watch in 2017 calls out Dell as “one company who is doing an exceptional job of social support.” Of the 4 trends, one of these speaks to driving deflection with proactive support. The terminology sounds so negative – but in reality it means giving customers what they need and want, using our online tools.

Intelligent self-service gives customers the best information, every time, so they can do more on their own, but the real key here is with less effort on their part.

In TSIA’s “The State of Support Services 2016” report, customers indicated an overwhelming preference for Google, self-service, and online communities over the traditional chat, email, and phone support channels. Customers want flexibility and multiple choices to engage with Support on their own terms and depending on their situation. So if we know that, what are we doing about it?

Our Knowledge Enablement team focuses on giving customers the right information and resources at the right time. Here are some examples of current initiatives:

  • Open Content – Our Online Support portal is integrated with our Support Community where content is accessible by public search engines. This makes it easier to find and access support content for common tasks and troubleshooting such as Knowledgebase articles and Top Services Topics by Product.
  • The Support Community – is also a great resource for connecting with thousands of Dell EMC customers, partners, and technical experts to ask questions, collaborate and exchange ideas, and share technical knowledge and expertise.
  • SolVe – The SolVe Desktop application provides access to Dell EMC product support engineers’ trusted best practices. Customers can:
    • view technical “how-to” videos
    • generate interactive instructions for common implementation and support procedures
    • download customized documentation allowing customers to independently perform common tasks such as installs, code upgrades, and drive

We are continuously evolving our processes, tools, resources, and the content we provide our customers.

Tell us what you think! How can we improve your service and support experience to help you intelligently self-serve?

Alan Walsh

About Alan Walsh

Vice President, Global Support Center

Alan has been with EMC (now Dell EMC) since 1995, primarily in Services. Those years give him a unique perspective on the Dell EMC Services portfolio as well as global customers. Alan spent much of his career interacting directly with executive customers in all situations and geographies, and is currently responsible globally for Global Support Center.

Prior to this, Alan had global business leadership roles responsible for Remote Delivery for the EMC Data Protection and Availability portfolio, Unified Storage Division (1000+ team), and proactive customer engagement related to EMC’s Elite Program and Account Management Services. In these roles Alan also worked directly with both EMC and customer executives as needed on business problems and growing customer relationships.

Alan honed his technical, leadership and change management skills within EMC’s Support and Manufacturing organizations, and has applied his deep experience of EMC’s technology to grow the skill sets of both internal and partner service teams.

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10 thoughts on “Intelligent Self Service That’s Personalized Too

  1. Alan,

    Nice post. I’d love to see if you could join the conversation and the movement at – a modern balanced approach to services measures. In particular there is work that we (as an industry) need to do in order to get social better integrated into a better customer (and employee!) experience.

    Would love to get you involved and leading some of this.



  2. Thanks for sharing this Alan.

    This is such a huge opportunity for everyone in the GSC team – there is so much knowledge & experience that we can share with our customers. Looking forward to the ideas from the team.

  3. Knowledge is what drives customer decisions and solves customers problems. The wealth of knowledge in the GSC is phenomenal and now we have the platforms to deliver this information to our customers and partners through an omni-channel approach. Exciting times.

    • It is Noel – we must continue to be leaders in this area, and leverage the massive platform that we have. We can be 100% successful with our platform

  4. Thanks Alan – great initatives enabling customers to get the information, content and engagement they need while allowing technical support staff share the knowledge they have across the entire community.