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CX Day 2016 – Big Data, My Data, Your Data – Too Much?

Alan Walsh By Alan Walsh Vice President, Global Support Center October 3, 2016

In case you’ve been under a rock recently, October 5th is Customer Experience Day – or CX Day as the trendy people call it.

This is a big deal, as it provides a very visible platform to recognize our customers’ success. In our respective positions our primary responsibility is making our customers successful, and on CX Day we’ll celebrate this.

I’m reminded of a few great articles from earlier in the year regarding Customer Service trends for 2016 – namely Forrester’s “Top 10 Customer Service Trends for 2016” and thought leader Shep Hyken’s “The Year of the Customer: 16 Customer Service and Experience (CX) Trends For 2016“. Both articles came out in January so let’s revisit them to see how we’re doing. Having recently spent a lot of time with some of our key customers in all theaters, there are some very relevant takeaway points.

Hyken observed 2 key elements that also came up in our customers’ feedback:

1. Big Data looks at trends, Micro Data looks at the individual customer’s experience

We have never had more insight, data and knowledge about our customers. While this is great, the real value is in understanding how to best use this data to improve our customers’ business – and I mean every one of them, individually, and specific to their business. Our customers are asking us “tell me what to do better, to keep the business running 24 x 7, to optimize my customer’s experience both financially and technically”. With MyService360 we are making huge strides in providing a customized platform, and I am genuinely excited about the evolution of this service.

2. Customers want and expect to be appreciated

Here’s what our customers want from us:

  • Include them in business and technical discussions
  • value and respect their time
  • minimize their engagement
  • do everything to make them successful in the eyes of their customers
  • invest in the personal relationship with our individual customers

Taking the time to say a simple “Thank You” goes further than any tweet / blog / chat / email / text can ever achieve. It’s been a hallmark of our service model for 30 years, and it’s still ingrained in our service team’s DNA.

In parallel, Forrester also noted some very interesting observations:

  • The Customer Service Technology Ecosystem Will Consolidate

This may happen faster than we anticipate. There are so many digital connections available now (social, telephony, chat, blog, knowledge articles) that it’s diluted the experience of delighting our customers. Human nature is to default to 1 or 2 channels and stick with them. The real questions are which ones the largest percentage of customers will choose, and are we mature in those channels. Now that we are a culture of mobile devices its clear that the service experience has to be centered on this. Our CRM and MyService360 platforms are key components in this consolidation.

  • Empowered Agents Will Improve the Human-To-Human Experience

We’re back to the data again. Using our knowledge of our customers, their experiences of our products and their business problems and concerns, we can arm our Service teams to be that “right person, in the right place, at the right time”. This is the most consistent feedback I’ve received during all of my recent customer discussions.

Our customers are very clear in their needs. The digital journey is necessary and they still want that known, trusted advisor by their side to guide them on the journey. We have that opportunity, and a responsibility to make it successful. Our respective Dell EMC Service teams are instrumental in this role.

So what of Dell Technologies? I’m happy to say that every discussion with my new colleagues and peers has actually been quite amusing – the reason is that when our thought processes have been shared (both ways), the respective response has been “Yep, what you just said”.

Michael Dell and Joe Tucci spoke openly many, many times about how both teams complemented each other. This has cascaded throughout the teams, and it truly has been a seamless transition so far. There is a visible passion for delighting customers and exceeding expectations. This bodes well for the coming years.

On CX Day we celebrate our customers via onsite and online celebrations. Make the time to join this and share your own experiences. We all have our individual customer success stories. It’s what makes our Services team so valued.


Alan Walsh

About Alan Walsh

Vice President, Global Support Center

Alan has been with EMC (now Dell EMC) since 1995, primarily in Services. Those years give him a unique perspective on the Dell EMC Services portfolio as well as global customers. Alan spent much of his career interacting directly with executive customers in all situations and geographies, and is currently responsible globally for Global Support Center.

Prior to this, Alan had global business leadership roles responsible for Remote Delivery for the EMC Data Protection and Availability portfolio, Unified Storage Division (1000+ team), and proactive customer engagement related to EMC’s Elite Program and Account Management Services. In these roles Alan also worked directly with both EMC and customer executives as needed on business problems and growing customer relationships.

Alan honed his technical, leadership and change management skills within EMC’s Support and Manufacturing organizations, and has applied his deep experience of EMC’s technology to grow the skill sets of both internal and partner service teams.

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